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  1. The Night We Raise
    by Korine
  2. Chip For Change 2020
    by Bit Crushed
    Marshall Art - Welcome To The Darkest Timeline Marshall Art - Welcome To The Darkest Timeline
    great chip => proceeds to the ACLU => hell yes.
    by Fighter X
  4. redline trio featuring steve hudson
    by Redline Trio
  5. XIII
    by Hypnogram
  6. ひきこもり・Hikikomori
    by Pterodactyl Squad
    Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunter
  7. triangle trash
    by Cheap Dinosaurs
  8. Cheap Dinosaurs
    by Cheap Dinosaurs
  9. Road Trip
    by AnTgry
  10. Double Ferrari
    by Double Ferrari
    sick guitaring~!
  11. Time Traveler (live band sesh)
    by KNOWER
  12. Overtime (Live Band Session)
    by KNOWER
  13. Dollfin
    by Dollfin
    so heavy it hurts. <3
  14. vanilla dome
    by g l o o m s
    atmospheric late 70's techno with chip and a modern take. yes please.
  15. workplace ergonomics
    by nmlstyl
  16. RPi ZWEI
    by Yerzmyey
    Alien encounter Alien encounter
    the pi does sound good but yerzmyey makes it sound amazing.
  17. Who Cares
    by Ultrasyd
    Gravitational collapse Gravitational collapse
    the sound design on this album is off the chain.
    MOONVIBES ft. Anton "Tuesday" Corazza MOONVIBES ft. Anton "Tuesday" Corazza
    love the team-up with Anton~!
  19. Corsage EP
    by Korine
    Heart Made of Flowers Heart Made of Flowers
  20. Eye
    by Hypnogram
    Zenarchy Zenarchy
    this makes me feel spiritual about chip music.