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  1. Bowing Not Knowing To What
    by It's Not Night: It's Space
    The Gathering The Gathering
    Brilliantly huge in scope and expanding of the mind, this is an album that has to be listened to start to finish.
  2. Nice Jacket Dickhead
    by Petrol Bastard
    5. Fred Foster's Broken Fridge 5. Fred Foster's Broken Fridge
    Spectacular anthems for alleys in Yorkshire towns, running with piss and old kebabs- or half of my nights out. Also excellent driving music. Shite of the highest calibre
    by JØTNARR
    Rise By Sin Rise By Sin
    Saw them at The Black Heart in Camden, and decided they'd definitely be worth keeping an eye on. Best played very, very loud.
  4. Hex; Or Printing In The Infernal Method
    by Earth
    Tethered To The Polestar Tethered To The Polestar
    Enormous soundscapes of the unexplored frontier, lines of huddled horsemen against bleak deserts, and freezing night skies scattered with a million uncaring stars. The silence is as important as the sound on this album. Listen to it end to end alongside reading Blood Meridian, the novel that inspired it, for a truly unsettling and transcendent journey through the darkest reaches of the human condition.
  5. The White EP
    by Agalloch
    The Isle of Summer The Isle of Summer
    A very different album to much of Agalloch's catalogue, not at all like their stormy metal of previous albums. A mellower, brighter album of gentle ambient and acoustic tracks, this is personally reminiscent of three glorious summers living in wild west Wales, and the leaf-dappled sunshine, silent country roads, long solo walks, and beautiful vistas there. Sometimes so intensely that the album is hard to listen to, especially the first and final tracks. I can still see those sun-drenched hills and cool woods as soon as the first few bars play.
  6. Our Dead Selves Rise — A Collection
    by Ashburn County
    Cracks In The Wall (Alternate Mix) Cracks In The Wall (Alternate Mix)
  7. Demo
    by Barbarian Fist
    The Whorelord Cometh The Whorelord Cometh