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  1. The Easy Money Remix EP (Genosha #013)
    by The Outside Agency
    Frack (Ophidian Remix) Frack (Ophidian Remix)
  2. AnTraxid - Alone In The Dark
    by Traumatic
    Doomed Man (AnTraxid Remix) Doomed Man (AnTraxid Remix)
  3. Party In My Head EP
    by Somniac One
    Somniac One - You Dont Belong Somniac One - You Dont Belong
  4. The Celsius - CD
    by Celsius
    Y4 Y4
  5. The Coconut Revolution
    by The Outside Agency
    Screaming Phoenix Screaming Phoenix
  6. Ecstacy Me / Brickwall Shaker
    by Slavefriese
    Lost In The Vietkong Jungle Lost In The Vietkong Jungle
  7. Descent EP
    by X-Core, Slavefriese
    Field (Slavefriese Remix) Field (Slavefriese Remix)
  8. Plutonium Crackers / Dorm of the Future
    by Slavefriese
    Plutonium Crackers (Moleculez Meltdown Remix) Plutonium Crackers (Moleculez Meltdown Remix)
  9. Collected: FIX Records
    by Various
    My Project My Project
  10. None Follows The Sunrise
    by Void Settler
    Yehgeth of the Dragon Yehgeth of the Dragon
  11. Norwegian Core Definition (Genosha #006)
    by Petrochemical
    Blind Demon Blind Demon
  12. Six Years Of Dedication
    by Various
    Black-Noise-Hootenanny Black-Noise-Hootenanny
  13. Sacrum
    by Daisy
    Sacrum (Promo Remix) Sacrum (Promo Remix)
  14. There Can Be Only None (Genosha #001)
    by The Outside Agency
    The Weather in My Mind The Weather in My Mind
  15. War in the 8th Dimension (Genosha #008)
    by The Outside Agency
    Oscillation Overthruster Oscillation Overthruster
  16. Dream On Baby EP
    by [KRTM]
    Soleil (Original Mix) Soleil (Original Mix)
  17. Drastic / Dying Star - Plus Package
    by DJ Hidden
    Dying Star (Original Version) Dying Star (Original Version)
  18. Smocgh
    by N-Vitral
    Koobeliy Koobeliy
  19. XS36
    by N-Vitral
    XS36 XS36
  20. Tokyo Joe (Traffik Remix) - Rebel Scum #10
    by Traffik