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  1. Live Laugh Love
    by Chastity Belt
  2. Journey to Yellow Top Spring
    by Samuel Boat
    Back in the City Back in the City
    Been listening to this a bunch on repeat. Hard to choose a favorite track but the hook of "Back in the City" definitely pops into my head all of the time.
  3. Summer Love
    by Bambina
    Saw Bambina in Tacoma playing with Jonny Kosmo last September. Had to figure out what the deal with the talented backup singer. So glad I did. I bought the “Soft Heat” EP on iTunes like it was 2006 before I thought to check bandcamp. This track—“Summer Love”—is the one that hooked me last year. Still does. Incredible stuff.
  4. Famously Alive
    by Guerilla Toss
    I am got dang excited for this new album. It's been too long. GT forever.
  5. Fascination
    by The Birthday Massacre
  6. Zorked
    by Julia Shapiro
  7. Pastorale
    by Arian Shafiee
  8. seriously, though
    by Gretchen Grimm
    Watered Down Watered Down
    Gretchen Grimm is one of the most talented musicians alive today, and I will meet anyone who says otherwise in the octagon. I had the great pleasure of seeing Grimm play on a rooftop during the blue hour with the got dang Cascades in the background this evening, and it was a vivid reminder of how fortunate the world is to be able to hear her sing and play. Hope this will be pressed on vinyl someday.
  9. RIP Squirrel
    by Big Sword
  10. Coriky
    by Coriky
  11. Pins And Needles
    by The Birthday Massacre
  12. Ceramic Wizard
    by SHUDDER
    Ceramic Wizard Ceramic Wizard
    This album made my head fall off.
  13. Human Girl
    by Guerilla Toss
    Own Zone Own Zone
    I tell everyone this is the greatest band to ever exist. I will never stop telling anyone that.
  14. NO DREAM
    by Jeff Rosenstock
  15. Diamonds
    by The Birthday Massacre
  16. Diamonds
    by The Birthday Massacre
  17. Tool
    by Tool
  18. 1st set of loops
    by Lydia
    loop 64 loop 64
    This collection of loops manages to make me feel both sweetly somber or brightly relaxed--depending on the context. How amazing is Lydia??
  19. What Would The Odd Do?
    by Guerilla Toss
  20. In the Spirit World Now