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Joel Harkin

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  1. Bangers 'N' Mash (Ups)
    by Various
  2. Three Weeks No Songs
    by Gregory and the Hawk
    Whirlpool Whirlpool
    'When I was a girl it was whirlpools, now it's waterfalls before the storm comes. Still haven't crossed the states by train, still haven't made my bed, still can't name all trees I see but I'd like to try and reach for it'

    really lovely and meditative lyrics. It makes me think about getting older but being ok with it because there is still plenty of time to do things. A perfect song.
  3. Audomatic Body
    by Lou Canon
  4. Something Else To Talk About / People Don't Think
    by Buí
  5. Probably All The Same
    by Hand Models
  6. Banana
    by Hand Models
  7. Singles
    by Hand Models
  8. Last Leaves on a Tree
    by Hand Models
  9. Bath Time
    by Maija Sofia
  10. Pull The Right Rope
    by Junior Brother
  11. Take Shelter
    by Linebacker Dirge
  12. Honest Life
    by Courtney Marie Andrews
  13. Things I Once Believed
    by Eve Belle
  14. A Note Let Go
    by Ulaid and Duke Special
    Shipyards of Belfast Shipyards of Belfast
  15. Leche
    by Gregory and the Hawk
    A Century Is All We Need A Century Is All We Need
    I first heard this album when I was 16, now 23 and it's still one of my all time favourites and has hugely shaped who I am as a songwriter.
    It's raw and delicate, sombre and playful. It's so so good.

    Thank you so much Meredith <3
  16. Eevee - Unexpected
    by Eevee
  17. seppuku daydream
    by dirt.
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  18. Observatory Mansions
    by Nicole Dollanganger
    Choking Games Choking Games