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  1. Animals As Leaders
    by Animals As Leaders
  2. Magic Machine
    by An Endless Sporadic
    The Departure The Departure
  3. Epic Metal Covers, Vol. 1
    by Little V
    Rashid (feat. ToxicxEternity) Rashid (feat. ToxicxEternity)
  4. Alpha Squad Soundtrack
    by Stemage
    Jungle Jungle
    Alpha Squad is one of those games where you come for the twin-stick 'splosions and cute girls, but by God, you stay for this music.
    Jungle in particular makes men into monsters and women into She-Hulks. It's just too heavy to resist.
  5. Zero Over Zero
    by Stemage
    Shut Up and Listen Shut Up and Listen
    I shut up. I listen. I break the repeat button.
    One doesn't simply skip tracks on a Stemage record, and Shut Up and Listen is one of my favorite reasons why.
  6. PRIORITY ONE: The Music of TRON
    by Stemage
    The GRID The GRID
    "Bio-digital prog metal, man..."
    [/Flynn K., microcycle unknown]
  7. Side Quest
    by Little V
    Lightning Lotus Lightning Lotus
  8. MISC [old stuff]
    by Stemage
    Ground Pink (2006) Ground Pink (2006)
    Ground Pink was a revelation back in the infancy of pre-Google YouTube.
    Amidst all of the webcam vlogs and Most Viewed garbage, there was this lone fret-stretching piece of strident metallic glory.
    Like I commented back then, there's just something about Ground Pink that pulls your lips into a grin, your tongue hanging sideways, and your head thrashing on the beat. It's not rabies, just metal. Thrash on, people.