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  1. Nothing for Me, Please
    by Dean Johnson
  2. Outsiders
    by Anna Tivel
  3. Golden Ivy - Kammarn
    by Golden Ivy
  4. Over Tage (Deluxe Edition)
    by Svaneborg Kardyb
    Over Tage Over Tage
    Hypnotic jazzy loops of warm sound that gently pull you into their joyous bounds and set you to dreaming or nodding your head along depending on the song structure. Really unique Nordic vibes here that manage to excel at the sum of their parts far beyond just 'jazzy drums and keys' in every possible way.
  5. Next Time Could Be Your Last Time
    by Forgiveness
  6. Horizons
    by Jasmine Myra
    Awakening Awakening
    Gondwana (the label) excels at curating incredibly innovative jazz oriented artists including Matthew Halsall (label owner and amazing musician in his own right) and this album by Jasmine is another amazing addition to the roster. She has makes bright open, innovative spiritual jazz from England. Fine, shining and life affirming music.
  7. Reflections Vol. 1: Let the Moon Be a Planet
    by Steve Gunn & David Moore
    Gently open and evocative instrumental compositions that are full of a golden warmth that exceed just piano and guitar. Sounds for contemplation, quiet mornings and twilight evenings. Absolutely gorgeous. Every track is good.
  8. They Mounted Crosses at the Edge of Terminal Moraines
    by Richard Skelton
    subscriber exclusive
  9. A Great Body Rising and Falling
    by Richard Skelton
  10. Arc of Day
    by Danny Paul Grody
  11. Tremors in the Static
    by Vega Trails
  12. Animalia
    by Mammal Hands
  13. Captured Spirits
    by Mammal Hands
  14. Shadow Work
    by Mammal Hands
  15. Liis Ring - Homing
    by Liis Ring
    after-image VI: natt after-image VI: natt
    a hazy dream of home and all its multifaceted meanings— from memories of home, to our ideals of what home and coming home means — that’s wrapped up in a warm blanket of gently layered song, voice, melody & field recordings. Even the sound of conversation and a cats purr are intertwined.

    The physical edition comes with handwritten notes about the recordings on entirely handmade paper packaging with a generous set of Liis’s ethereal and unique photographs to tie the pieces and visuals together!
  16. To Move
    by To Move
  17. Innemuseum
    by Cisser Mæhl
  18. Therapy
    by Brendan Eder Ensemble
  19. Aer
    by Carol Anne McGowan
    A Movement in Time A Movement in Time
    Entrancing shadowy layered vocal swells by that pull you into their depths. Some sound like modern Hilderard von Bingen others like wisps of a dream pulling you in as a siren may. This album of 'vocal experiments' as Carol Anne called them were made only with her layered and treated voice. At times they sound like a church organ or a keyboard, but it is all her voice. And all of it is beautiful.
  20. 90 In November
    by Why Bonnie