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Joe Borreson

  1. Napa, California
  2. Ambient
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  1. Life Of The Body
    by RG Lowe
  2. Ogród Botaniczny w Palermo
    by Radosław Kurzeja
  3. The Sparrow
    by Rime Trails
  4. Mend
    by Rime Trails
  5. The Ice Was All Between
    by Rime Trails
  6. Mist Coming Down
    by Rime Trails
  7. Dusk Embers
    by Rime Trails
  8. Halcyon
    by Rime Trails
  9. Eulogy
    by Rime Trails
  10. Valediction
    by Rime Trails
  11. Karaoke Angel
    by Molly Sarlé
  12. Song To Vega
    by Richard Skelton
    Richard created something very new here: this music is futuristic & synth-like, but has a warmth, movement & lightness that's still ethereal. I never would guess it was him, but quite like it: change & artist growth is a good thing! Those fans of his more typical earthly bowed scraping intensity, piano chord punctuations and songs of place, do not be afraid of the changed sound palette here. I like this visit to Vega and can't wait to hear more of this direction if he choses to take us there.
  13. Silver Ladders
    by Mary Lattimore
  14. Quintana
    by Mary Lattimore
  15. A Unicorn Catches A Falling Star In Heaven
    by Mary Lattimore
  16. And The Birds Flew Overhead
    by Mary Lattimore & Elysse Thebner Miller
  17. Rain Shadow
    by Golden Retriever and Chuck Johnson
  18. Introvert
    by Mary Lattimore
  19. Photos From The Flood
    by Scott Campbell
  20. Pure as Sunlight
    by Soap Library