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  1. Silver Light
    by Lali Puna
  2. Two Windows
    by Lali Puna
  3. Scary World Theory
    by Lali Puna
  4. Faking The Books
    by Lali Puna
  5. Left Handed
    by Lali Puna
  6. I Thought I Was Over That
    by Lali Puna
  7. Our Inventions
    by Lali Puna
  8. Being Water
    by Lali Puna
  9. Clearcut
    by Lali Puna
  10. Micronomic
    by Lali Puna
  11. Tridecoder
    by Lali Puna
  12. The Multiverse Live in Reykjavík
    by Scott McLemore
  13. Auf Auf
    by embryo
  14. From Nowhere to North
    by Nosdam + Rayon
  15. Brot und Salz
    by Conni Trieder Trio
  16. Das Kleine Grusel - Live in Jahmen
    by Das Kleine Grusel
  17. Crooked Dreams EP
    by Masha Qrella
  18. Wünsche
    by Luise Volkmann & Didier Matry
  19. Dreams To Come
    by LEONEsauvage / Luise Volkmann
  20. Good for Some Reason (Winter/Spring)
    by Say Sue Me