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joachim ceulemans

  1. Antwerp, Belgium
  2. Experimental
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  1. Circuit
    by illogical harmonies
  2. The Unlonely Raindancer - 81CD
    by Keith Tippett
  3. Sea-Watch
    by 100% of all proceeds of this release go to Sea-Watch
  4. naktės
    by MEROPE
  5. LINZ
    by Didi Kern & Philipp Quehenberger
  6. Hellstorm
    by Martin Küchen
  7. Sextet (Parker) 1993
    by Anthony Braxton
  8. Moscow - Berlin
    by Gebhard Ullmann & Alexey Kruglov
  9. Rezi Vár
    by The Second Approach Trio
  10. Promitat eterno
    by Bastarda
  11. Inside Piano
    by Reinhold Friedl
  12. Cascas
    by Marcelo dos Reis
  13. Divergent Paths
    by Daniel Levin / Rob Brown
  14. No No No, No
    by Ease: Klaus Filip / Noid
  15. LURE
    by Psithurism Trio with Xavier Charles
  16. Lux.Exz​ (Live @ Schloss Dornum 2017)
    by T Soltau
  17. solo trombone
    by Matthias Müller
  18. Proprioception
    by Alex Ward
  19. beestentijd
    by HOERA.
  20. Full Circle - Live in Łódź
    by Ned Rothenberg & Hamid Drake
  21. Flauto Dolphy
    by Dominik Strycharski
  22. The Sync
    by The Sync
  23. Escape Lane
    by Escape Lane
  24. Four Views of a Three Sided Garden
    by Shore to Shore
  25. Tangle
    by John Butcher, Thomas Lehn, Matthew Shipp
  26. The Byre
    by Norberto Lobo and Eric Chenaux
  27. Muxama
    by Norberto Lobo
  28. Nowruz
    by João Lobo
  29. Saturn Sings
    by Mary Halvorson
  30. Away With You
    by Mary Halvorson
  31. Transgression
    by Oleś Brothers & Theo Jörgensmann
  32. City Fall – Live At Café OTO
    by Parker / Trzaska / Edwards / Sanders
  33. A field perpetually at the edge of disorder
    by John Edwards, Mark Sanders, John Tilbury
  34. Cinema
    by John Coxon, Evan Parker, Eddie Prévost
  35. Shapes
    by Karl Van Deun & Ruben Machtelinckx
  36. CSW 14_03_2015
    by Warsaw Improvisers Orchestra
    by Agustí Fernández & Yasmine Azaiez
  38. Creative Construction Set™
    by George Lewis & Splitter Orchester
  39. pracht
    by HOERA.
  40. a pudding oO CD
    by PUDDING oO
  41. Widow's Joy: Eastern European Immigrant Dances in American, 1925-1930
    by Sound American 4: What Is American Music?
  42. Sound American 16: The Complete Language Music Solos
    by Sound American 16: Anthony Braxton
  43. XT: Pah'
    by XT
  44. Orion
    by Im Wald
  45. Zero Sum