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  1. Futha
    by Heilung
    Traust Traust
    A true masterpiece and a great successor to the first studio album. I love the studio versions of Othan and Hamrer Hippyer as well as the new tracks. The theme of the whole album seems a bit more dark and ritual than Othan, but it's the most significant aspect that I like most in comparison to the first album. Beautiful work and I will see forward to the next album in a few years.
  2. Ofnir
    by Heilung
    In Maidjan In Maidjan
    Even after nearly two years, after discovering Heilung, I still can't find words that discribe their music adequately. Heilung will send you back in time, let you forget the world around you. With beautiful singing, simple and also in itself complicated drum rythms and some drone elements Heilung is able to produce a trance-like experience, which is hard to explain or find somewhere else. If you're open-minded towards unusual music and will let your thoughts drift away, you will love this.
  3. LIFA
    by Heilung
    Hamrer Hippyer LIVE Hamrer Hippyer LIVE
    This concert is a masterpiece. Even though I don't like the crowd in live recordings, this album is great, because all the songs are as beautiful as on the studio album, while still having a different sound and feel. I'll recommend watching the full concert before buying this album. The visuals really add to the experience. The concert mostly includes songs from the album "Ofnir", but some songs are from the album "Futha". If you liked the non-live recordings of Heilung, you will love this too.
  4. Hefna
    by Danheim
  5. Hringrás
    by Danheim
    Hringrás Hringrás
  6. Runagaldr
    by Danheim
    Vikinger Vikinger
  7. Herja
    by Danheim
    Berserkir Berserkir
  8. Fridr
    by Danheim
    Yggdrasil Yggdrasil
  9. Mannavegr
    by Danheim
    Folkvangr Folkvangr
    I discovered Danheim through YouTube. Just loving it from the first second on. Thanks for making such fantastic music and all of your future work.
  10. Munarvagr
    by Danheim
    Ivar's Revenge Ivar's Revenge
  11. Dauðra Dura
    by Forndom
  12. Flykt
    by Forndom
  13. Lyrdraces
    by Rúnfell
  14. Sól
    by Gealdýr
  15. Sær
    by Gealdýr
  16. Aegishjalmur
    by Munknörr
  17. Skald
    by Wardruna
  18. Runaljod - Ragnarok
    by Wardruna
  19. Runaljod - Yggdrasil
    by Wardruna
  20. Seidsang
    by Runahild
  21. Seidhjallar
    by Runahild
  22. Seidgaldr
    by Runahild
  23. Seidrúnar
    by Runahild
  24. Bregðask i
    by Fuimadane
  25. Vegleitir
    by Fuimadane
  26. Blodbylgje
    by Katt Ran
  27. VINDA
    by Katt Ran
  28. Kvile
    by Eldrim
  29. Godtfolk
    by Songleikr
    Jenta Ho Gjekk Seg Jenta Ho Gjekk Seg
  30. Forn
    by Kaunan
    Elve Fert Elve Fert
  31. A Piece for Mind & Mirror
    by Skuggsjá
    Tore Hund Tore Hund
  32. Camera Obscura
    by Teufelstanz
    by Blòt Heathen
  34. Quantum Field
    by Pogo
  35. Weightless
    by Pogo
    Final Drive Final Drive
  36. Wayfaring
    by Hiemal
  37. Aux Frontières de l'Eternité
    by Hiemal
    I needed 30 sec to decide buying it. Amazing work. Again.
  38. Mist of Dissonance
    by Hiemal
  39. Pioneer
    by Altus
  40. Moon And Star
    by Wintergatan
  41. Marble Machine
    by Wintergatan
  42. Music Box, Harp & Hammered Dulcimer
    by Wintergatan
  43. TwoDaystoAlaska
    by TwoDaystoAlaska
  44. Kolarbyn
    by Taur Nu Fuin
  45. The Untold
    by Atrium Carceri