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  1. Swirling In The Backyard - Volume 3 / Boroughbridge
    by One More Grain
  2. estrenyon
    by Kemper Norton
  3. Kovaa kamaa (Parhaat 2003-2018)
    by Rättö ja Lehtisalo
  4. Hexen Valley
    by Gnod
  5. Io
    by Little Mazarn
  6. karolli ep
    by Kemper Norton
  7. Sonic Essences
    by Angela Winter
  8. Beans On Toast With Pythagoras
    by One More Grain
    The Rig Of The Jarkness The Rig Of The Jarkness
    I love this album because Daniel Patrick Quinn doesn't give a --ahem-- "hoot" about commercial success and yet consistently holds the bar high, finds ways creating incredibly creative music without losing its accessibility for the pubs (yes, I exaggerate, but only slightly). DPQ (and in this case, his various OMG partners) should be way bigger and known by way more folks. Just another collection of sounds that demonstrate reasons why.
  9. Archetypes
    by Meg Mulhearn
  10. For the Movement of Planets on the Solstice
    by Spectral Habitat
  11. Breath is a Wave
    by Meg Mulhearn
    Breath Is A Wave Breath Is A Wave
    Amazing bit of candy here: 'Breath Is a Wave' really feels like it could have been a lost track (or fragment) from Coil's Remote Viewer. The other 2 tracks feel thematically linked, but different and just as awesome. Classical influences subsumed/channeled through contemporary notions of sound. This along with MM's work as Spectral Habitat is highly recommended!
  12. Swirling In The Backyard - Volume 2 / Sulawesi
    by One More Grain
  13. Swirling In The Backyard - Volume 1 / Laos
    by Daniel Patrick Quinn
  14. lightness
    by Angela Winter
  15. The Obvious I
    by Ed Dowie
    Dear Florence Dear Florence
    I've owned this for almost a year. Had the CD shipped from the UK to the US and it was worth the additional cost to support Ed. Dowie has an arresting, "fragile" voice, at once possessing a plainchant choral quality mixed with contemporary minimalist sensibilities. It's a subtle recording, demanding the listener focus on each and every tonal and textural quality. This only unfolds upon multiple listens giving the a work a timely urgency as well as something for the ages. Love this album deeply!
  16. Spheres
    by Tatu Rönkkö
  17. MAYa & Tolga Baklacioglu - Kına
    by MAYa & Tolga Baklacioglu
  18. WASTELAND: What Ails Our People Is Clear
    by LICE
    Espontáneo Espontáneo
    Brilliantly dangerous concept album! Tremendous release.
  19. Cars & It's Autumn / Cherry Dip - Single
    by Cloud
  20. Mother Sea - Single
    by Cloud