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  1. Soundings
    by Simon Scott
  2. Moderately Tolerable LP
    by Jesus Christ, Bob!
  3. songs for a moon
    by lush agave
  4. Pickle Plum
    by Star Horse
  5. The Space Between The Trees
    by Wozniak
  7. Tracks
    by Jesus Christ, Bob!
  8. Ågren
    by Jesus Christ, Bob!
  9. Albatross
    by Star Horse
  10. Divine Illusion
    by Chasms
  11. Nosebleed
    by Lazy Legs
  12. Forever Orbiter
    by The City Gates
  13. Pop Girls 3-Song EP
    by Vet Trip
  14. Tremor EP
    by Lazy Legs
  15. Checkpoint Charlie (single Ep)
    by The City Gates
    Checkpoint Charlie Checkpoint Charlie
  16. Swimming In Machines
    by Vet Trip
  17. Business Of Dreams
    by Business Of Dreams
  18. Really Into You
    by Tearjerker
  19. Is the Is Are
    by DIIV
  20. The Gardiner
    by Tearjerker
  21. Slower Now
    by Star Horse
  22. New Born
    by Sounds of Sputnik & Ummagma
  23. Huge Moves 7"
    by Savage Sister
  24. Sibirien
    by Follow The Sea
  25. Spend The Night
    by Star Horse
  26. Self Titled
    by Blackburn Hall
  27. BG079 | Let You Go
    by Tape Waves
  28. Don't Get Closer // 100 Eyes
    by Star Horse
  29. EMP01
    by [MP.G]
  30. BG074 | Ophelie
    by Blanche As A Name
  31. Again, We Find Ourselves In This Place
    by James Bunton
  32. Ether
    by Sing Leaf
  33. Watery Moon
    by Sing Leaf
  34. Marybelle (acoustic version)
    by Star Horse
    appears in 1 other collection
  35. Conduct
    by HOUNDSds
  36. In the Hour of the Wolf
    by The Great Wilderness
  37. Lust
    by Star Horse
  38. Crush
    by Star Horse
  39. Devour
    by Star Horse
  40. More Songs About Animals and TV
    by Alligator Indian
  41. Cool Intentions
    by Pajama People
  42. Mindgloss headfuck (The power of the lapis lazuli stone in my neck is burning)
    by YlangYlang
  43. Long Night Is Gone
    by The Paellas
  44. BG029 | Video Club
    by Marc Desse
  45. Strangers
    by Tearjerker