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    Feral Gates of Flesh Feral Gates of Flesh
  2. Holy Joy
    by Paul Gonzenbach
    What Love Does to Us What Love Does to Us
    I honestly didn't expect an record so full of brilliant hooks and memorable moments when I read that Paul ditched that 'whole band'-approach.

  3. Emanations of Desolation
    Torch Reversed Torch Reversed
    In a long line of great releases this is really their best work yet. Only a few black metal records achieve what "Emanations of Desolation" does: a strangely wholesome and at the same time unsettling listen without any boring moments.
  4. I Was Taught How To Win But I Learned How To Lose
    by Grant Campbell
    The Breakdown The Breakdown
    A record full of staggering, strong songs.
  5. Glass
    by Radio Berlin
    Rote Lippen Rote Lippen
    Bleak, dark, and brilliant. Since more than ten years I believe this album is one of the best ever recorded in the 21th century.
  6. belong
    by ULTHA
    no fire, only smoke no fire, only smoke
  7. pain cleanses every doubt
    by ULTHA
  8. floors of heaven
    by ULTHA
    Forever Always Comes To An End Forever Always Comes To An End
  9. American Foursquare
    by Denison Witmer
    Simple and True Simple and True
  10. Other Light
    by Island Eyes
    I Could Almost See You I Could Almost See You
    Mundane and crushing at the same time, 'Other Light' might be the pinnacle of Derek Janzen's work. I cannot imagine a better version of his music than this.
    And yet I expect to be refuted by his next release.
  11. The Unreachable Distance
    by Paul Gonzenbach
    Dreams Dreams
    In 2017 my interest in new music has been reduced to waiting Paul's releases. It's sad but it is what it is.
  12. Big World (Digital Single)
    by Cloakroom
  13. Guilt Show
    by Paul Gonzenbach
    Broke My Streak Broke My Streak
    Very dark, very sad. Very impressive.
  14. Steve Albini's Blues
    by Cloakroom
  15. Willow (single)
    by Paul Gonzenbach
    Thirst Thirst
  16. Orchard (single)
    by Paul Gonzenbach
  17. Galilee
    by Andrew Bryant
    Third Person Third Person
  18. Island Eyes
    by Island Eyes
    Throw My Ashes Off This Pier Throw My Ashes Off This Pier
    Maybe Island Eyes' music might sound easy and pretty accessible at first, but there's always more than just a hint of anguish in Derek Janzen's songs. I'm not sure if anyone get's it, though, because as usual, Janzen eschews common stylistical devices of drama. It's almost like Janzen tried to hide his lyrics in gentle harmonies sometimes.
  19. Anything At All Forever
    by Paul Gonzenbach
    If You Only Knew If You Only Knew
  20. Honeymoon/Blackbird
    by Andrew Bryant