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  1. Molecules
    by Kazuo Imai / Roger Turner
  2. At The Cultural Home
    by Tom Jackson, Vid Drašler
  3. Omejeno gibanje / Confined Movement
    by Axel Dörner and Tomaž Grom
  4. Schallschatten
    by Birgit Ulher / Petr Vrba
  5. Metal Breath
    by Carl Ludwig Hübsch / Phil Minton
  6. Impermanence
    by Violeta García / Émilie Girard-Charest
  7. One Body One Bow One String
    by Harald Kimmig
  9. from ten, two and three +improvisation
    by Cranc [Angharad Davies, Nikos Veliotis, Rhodri Davies] and Derek Bailey
  10. The Lincoln Stretch Bike Carrier
    by Kazuhisa Uchihashi+Roger Turner
  11. crunch
    by Hutch Demouilpied/Matt Hutchinson/Sue Lynch
  12. ...There Must be a Reason for Generating Sounds...
    by Jerome Bryerton / Damon Smith
  13. Spoken / Unspoken
    by Jane in Ether
  14. Bailey: With Apologies To G. Brecht
    by Simon H. Fell / Alex Ward / Mark Wastell
  15. solo
    by Steve Noble
  16. From where light falls
    by Ed Jones / Emil Karlsen
  17. Grain
    by Phil Durrant / Emil Karlsen
  18. Sounds of Assembly
    by Allum, Butcher, Kanngiesser, Prévost
  19. We met - and then
    by Barre Phillips, John Butcher, Ståle Liavik Solberg
  20. Knotted Threads
    by Yves Charuest / Benedict Taylor