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  1. Misery and Pride
    by Braveyoung
    Wonderful Wonderful
  2. Summering
    by The Bronzed Chorus
    Tin Roof Burrito Tin Roof Burrito
  3. Woum
    by Cloudkicker
    Intro to Woum Intro to Woum
  4. Tertia
    by Caspian
    La Cerva La Cerva
    This album is a feat of songwriting and audio engineering. Caspian packed more layers of guitar into each track than any other album I know while still managing to keep it sounding true.

    The drum work on this album is also amazing, with driving beats changing time signatures out of sync with the guitar build-ups, I just love the style of this album and I would love to see a future album re-visit some of these themes.