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  1. Vatican City, Vatican City
  2. Metal
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  1. Punishment And Devotion
    by Lamp Of Murmuur
  2. Considered Dead
    by Gorguts
  3. Slow And Heavy - Tyrannic Edition
    by Diplodocus
  4. Submission And Slavery
    by Lamp Of Murmuur
  5. Demo
    by Veriluola
  6. デモ 一
    by 七生報國
  7. Gormanudr - Old Path
    by Gormanudr
  8. Upheaval Of Medieval Darkness
    The excellent use of atmosphere and ambience really adds to an already great raw black metal demo. Looking forward to hearing more…
  9. Krigsdøger
    by GJENDØD
  10. From another land
    by Deionarra
  11. Terror in Thrace
    by Tabernacle
  12. endlhëtonëg
    by Trhä
  13. Passages of the Endless Quest
    by Caverna
  14. Cybernetic Aeon
    by Primordial Alloy
  15. Vestiges of a Fallen Empire
    by Ages of Blood
  16. Troilus and Criseyde
    by Chaucerian Myth
  17. VLAD TEPES/ BELKETRE : March to the Black Holocaust
    by Drakkar Productions
  18. Madrigal Magic
    by Vale Minstrel
  19. NIBELUNG "The Lonely Wood"
    by Nibelung
  20. Forbidden Tomb/Nansarunai
    by Forbidden Tomb