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  1. Sielulintu (Full album)
    by Einvigi
  2. Unum
    by Iron Mountain
  3. Tales From This Land
    by Aexylium
  4. raunijaR
    by Helheim
  5. Rignir
    by Helheim
  6. Heidindomr ok motgangr
    by Helheim
  7. Land of the Setting Sun EP
    by Isenmor
  8. Shieldbrother
    by Isenmor
  9. Spukgeschichten - Anciennes Légendes des Alpes
    by Tannöd / Rauhnacht / Hanternoz
  10. Véhémence - Par le Sang Versé
    by Véhémence
  11. The Songs of the Death
    by Путь (Pathway)
  12. Romuvan Dainas
    by romuvos
  13. The Baltic Crusade
    by romuvos
  14. infront of destiny
    by romuvos
  15. The Rock of the Clyde
    by Ruadh
  16. Sovereign
    by Ruadh
  17. Of Campfires and Evening Mists
    by Old Corpse Road
  18. On Ghastly Shores Lays the Wreckage of Our Lore
    by Old Corpse Road
  19. Once Upon A Troll
    by Trollheart
  20. Nordkarpatenland
    by Malokarpatan