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  1. Acathexis
    by Acathexis
  2. Monolith
    by Verheerer
  3. belong
    by ULTHA
  4. In Manus Satanas
    by Aegrus
  5. The Path Untravelled
    by Arx Atrata
  6. Love Exchange Failure
    by White Ward
  7. Darkness Devour
    by Flukt
  8. Legacy
    by Second To Sun
  9. ORM
    by ORM
  10. The Grand Disillusionment
    by Deadspace
  11. Scorn
    by Unmensch
  12. Vigilante's Doctrine
    by Absinthropy
  13. Void
    by Antre
  14. Ascension
    by Gurthang
  15. Fracture
    by EYRTH
  16. The Journey
    by Dark Doom
  17. AAliens
    by Psygnosis
  18. Consciousness Torn from the Void
    by The Ember, The Ash
  19. Beyond the Grasp of Mortal Hands
    by Arctos
  20. Mors Vincit Omnia
    by Crimson Moon
  21. Narcissus Rising
    by The Negative Bias
  22. Kali Yuga Crown
    by Advent Sorrow
  23. Inner Catharsis Pt. II
    by Herbstnebel
  24. Inner Catharsis Pt. I
    by Herbstnebel
  25. What Do We Know Of Horror
    by TONGUE
  26. Fall into Extinction
    by Useless
  27. Cairn
    by מזמור
  28. ZYKLUS
    by Wandar
  29. All Mortal Creatures Must Die
    by Nocrul
  30. Solastalgia
    by Sūrya
  31. Sur les Terres Oubliées
    by ARIDES
  32. Behind a Mask a Metaphor is Written
    by Nihilisticon
  33. Followers of Tann
    by ZAD
  34. Aitvaras
    by Aitvaras
  35. Damno Lumina Nocte
  36. Tagtraum
    by Spätregen
  37. The Walk
    by Second To Sun
  38. Winter's Furor
    by Algid Funeral
  39. Necrogenesis : Chants From The Grave
    by Black Flame
  40. All Shall Return To Chaos
    by Insanity Cult
  41. Hologram Temple
    by Stellar Master Elite
  42. DIURNAL (INT) - "Asura Demons"
    by Schattenkult Produktionen
  43. Obscurite Noir
    by Nihilism
  44. Lamentations: Of Deceit & Redemption
    by In The Burial
  45. Sovereign
    by Ruadh