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  1. Storm Surge
    by Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius
    A beautiful, sad song. The title is so appropriate: I read last night that entire villages of people on the Fiji Islands have to abandon their islands and find new homes because of flooding like they’ve never had before. Will they be able to find new homes? It’s not a hoax.
  2. Gymnopedie No. 1 (Jazz Version)
    by Fernando Perdomo
    I always associate this piece with slightly depressing, boring ‘70s days, but it’s a beautiful piece of music. And the image of Satie is wonderful. This jazz version sounds great, and I like that birthday challenge idea!
  3. Tales of the Space Pirates
    by Moon Men
  4. Burning The Hard City/Suspension & Displacement (Special Edition)
    by Djam Karet
  5. Collide
    by Goldenhall
  6. Ice Giant
    by Ice Giant
  7. Definition
    by Prognosis
  8. Into The Grey
    by Prognosis
  9. Trojan E.P
    by Magenta
  10. Can't Breathe Sessions (EP)
    by Alcàntara
  11. Why The Sea Is Salt
    by The Gift
  12. A Cold White Universe EP
    by Church of Hed
  13. Spacefolds 6
    by Quarkspace
  14. Dead Star
    by King Buffalo
  15. Slave To The Sword
    by Exmortus (Official)
  16. Ascension
    by Paladin
  17. Zabijanie Czasu I
    by -S-
  18. The Extraterrestrial Compendium
    by Dire Peril
  19. The Sons of Fëanor
    by Dwarrowdelf
  20. To the End of Days (Original Soundtrack)
    by Jon of the Shred