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  2. Jazz
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  1. The Thrilling Encounter
    by Tango Enigmático
  2. Oddysea
    by Ivori
  3. Bjelke-Petersen Youth - Pliant (Left For Dead)
    by Deplorable Recordings
  4. Emerge Live: Vol I
    by Various Artists
  5. Off The Wall
    by Various Artists
  6. Recorded, stored, absorbed, ignored
    by A Country Practice
  7. Flores - Colores
    by Sanfeliu
    Eso es todo Eso es todo
  8. I will leave this town while there's still light
    by A Country Practice
    When we were young and loud When we were young and loud
  9. Saturn Exerzitium
    by Moon
    Dirge from the Void Dirge from the Void
  10. Hiding / Dull
    by Vestiges
    Hiding Hiding
  11. Drṓwryh Creesp
    by Drṓwryh Creesp
    A Roarer A Roarer
    Completely unexpected DIY/amateur discover in my own backyard!
  12. "The Birth Of The Beginning Before The Inception Of The End"
    by Pustilence
    "Journey To The Altar Of The Unknowns" "Journey To The Altar Of The Unknowns"
  13. New World 35
    by Uuxe
    River Dialogue River Dialogue
  14. Shinryoku
    by 1 Dragon 2 Dragon
  15. A Cassowary Apart
    by Andrew Tuttle & Padang Food Tigers
  16. First Breath
    by Salt Money
  17. Marmaleene and The Moondusters
    by Marmaleene and The Moondusters
    Spangula Spangula
  18. Sympathy
    by Hallie
  19. Christmas Don't Be Late
    by HULA HI-FI
  20. Sweet Cheeks
    by Sebya