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  1. A Sudden Nowhere
    by Phill Reynolds
  2. Halloween Candy
    by The Suitesixteen
  3. Look Again
    by The Last
  4. Extra Credit
    by Brad Marino
  5. Mine Would Be The Sun
    by The Suitesixteen
  6. Farewell, Excitement
    by Kurt Bloch
  7. Unclever
    by Sheenjek
  8. Zucker 2020
    by Fastbacks
  9. Lion And Tiger Fight
    by The Yes Masters
  10. It Was All Once Bright Jewels
    by Al Bloch
    This is how it's done!
  11. Hate The World It's So Romantic
    by Bad Scene
    Young Savage Young Savage
  12. Anybody's Girl / Waiting For The Call
    by Color TV
    Anybody's Girl Anybody's Girl
    Upon recommendation from a friend, I was looking for a different band called Color TV and wound up here. This is where I was meant to be. Power pop perfection, can't wait for more!
  13. Wanna Smash Sensation
    by BUM
    A Promise Is A Promise A Promise Is A Promise
  14. TYPICAL GIRLS volume 5
    Anybody's Girl Anybody's Girl
    Bought this strictly to have "Anybody's Girl" by Color TV on vinyl. Lucky for me, the comp has lots of other great tracks, too.
  15. Rebirth by Blasphemy
  16. Honey
    by Romero
    Honey Honey
    If a better 7" is released in 2020, I'll believe it when I hear it.
  17. ST LP
    by The Whiffs
  18. The Whiffs • Another Whiff (DIG009)
    by DIG! Records
    Hey Little Anne Hey Little Anne
  19. LA to Pedro EP
    by Zig Zags
    Political Nightmare Political Nightmare
  20. We Were Living In Cincinnati
    by Various Artists 1975-82