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GR Kelly

  1. Manchester, UK
  2. Experimental
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  1. Manna / Mirage
    by The Muffins
  2. Decades Of Distortion
    by Asylum N.N.M.
    Is This The Price ? Is This The Price ?
    Even after hearing countless anarcho/hardcore/noise punks for decades, it's still hard to fathom that these fellas from Stoke cound concoct a cacophony like this in 1982.
  3. 2021 Monthly Digital Single: Legends Of Frogtown [November]
    by irr. app. (ext.)
  4. Special Olympics EP
    by Engine Kid
  5. Decline and Fall
    by Thinking Plague
  6. Continue
  7. No Wood Accepted
    by Hen Ogledd
  8. Heavier Than A Desk In The Factory
    by Territorial Gobbing & BlackCloudSummoner
  9. Human Error
    by Government Alpha
  10. [schack tati]
    by Mats/Morgan
  11. Thor & Friends / Woven Skull Split 7" (GOD031)
    by God Unknown Records
  12. taking into account only a portion of your emotions
  13. Moral Nihility
    by Dethroned Emperor
    by Neil Campbell
  15. PNEUL
    by Paul Harrison and Neil Campbell
  16. "In the Depths of R'lyeh"
    by Catacombs
  17. "The Living Darkness"
    by Origin Of Darkness
  18. 1983
    by Von Zamla
  19. Mimicry Ring
    by Guttersnipe
  20. Pigs
    by Spine Scavenger