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  1. Kurr (10th Anniversary)
    by amiina
  2. Wake Up
    by Anesthesia
  3. S/T (10th Anniversary Edition)
    by This Will Destroy You
  4. Rivers & Shores
    by Black Hill and heklAa
  5. It Will Become Itself
    by Whale Fall
  6. ( )
    by Sigur Rós
  7. Yui
    by Childs
  8. Enter The Mirror
    by Maserati
  9. Epitaph
  10. Dreamer On The Run
    by U137
  11. Monocyte
    by Saltillo
  12. Universalis
    by Hammock
  13. Invisible City
    by Wang Wen
  14. A Footprint Of Feelings
    by Moonlit Sailor
  15. Colors In Stereo
    by Moonlit Sailor
  16. We Come From Exploding Stars
    by Moonlit Sailor
  17. So Close To Life
    by Moonlit Sailor
  18. Sampler 12 "Sometimes I See You In The Stars"
    by Deep Elm Records (Various)
  19. Welcome to the moon, friend
    by Houston, we've got problems!
  20. No Drum and Bass in the Jazz Room
    by Clever Girl