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  1. EP (Bonus Remastered Version)
    by Mazmorra
  2. The Green Light of the Creator
    by Source of Creation
  3. Compilation Vol .1
    by Transwitchwhoregaist
  4. The Last Journey
    by Amorphous Dreams
  5. The Valley of Reflection and The Purity of the Soul
    by Endora
  6. Demo 2021
    by Mazmorra
  7. The Supremacy of the Nature
    by Aethelu
  8. Hallucination Maze
    by Hallucination Maze
    05 Damage Furnitures of the Hunting House 05 Damage Furnitures of the Hunting House
    These melodies are crawling into my brain meat at an alarming rate. Bloody fantastic ty ty for this album.
  9. Tomorrow Will Be Better Than Yesterday
    by Going Forward
  10. Sequential Analog System
    by Nordinfog
  11. Distant Sounds from the Darkest Forest
    by Endora
  12. Honour And Pride
    by Dame Anaryn
  13. Compilation Vol.1
    by Mazmorra Productions
  14. My Shadow Is A Scarecrow
    by Midnight Nightmare
  15. Rotten By The Flesh
    by Arroganth
  16. Medieval Darkness Reborn
    by Aethelu
  17. Instrumental Demo
    by Hallucination Maze
  18. Rejuvenation of the Green Color
    by Meretrix Venefica
  20. Into the Forbidden Blue
    by Deepwood Cavern