This is Jim Finnis’ music collection on Bandcamp.

Jim Finnis

  1. Aberystwyth, UK
  2. Alternative
  1. collection 32
  2. following 20
    by Evan Carson
  2. Every Night Something Happens
    by Lost Crowns
  3. Sorry To Disturb You
    by ARMY of MOTHS
  4. Real Estate / Fake Inverno
    by Sterbus
  5. Music and Poetry of the Kesh
    by Ursula K. Le Guin & Todd Barton
  6. Angelystor
    by Phil Legard
  7. Solar Divination EP
    by Kavus Torabi
  8. Knells II
    by The Knells
  9. So Let Us Melt
    by Jessica Curry
  10. You’re Doomed. Be Nice.
    by Rob Crow's Gloomy Place
  11. Good Grief
    by Muddy Suzuki
  12. Charcoal (2014 Special Edition)
    by Brambles
  13. Pure White Speed
    by The Cesarians
  14. Dear Esther
    by Jessica Curry
  15. Obscure Knowledge
    by Guapo
  16. On In Love
    by Jefferson Friedman / Craig Wedren / ACME
  17. On In Love
    by Jefferson Friedman / Craig Wedren / ACME
  18. Coffins On Io
    by Kayo Dot
  19. To go off and Things (Cardiacs Cover)
    by Napalm Death
  20. Major Parkinson
    by Major Parkinson
  21. Songs From A Solitary Home
    by Major Parkinson
  22. Twilight Cinema
    by Major Parkinson
  23. The Knells
    by The Knells
  24. Don't Land On Me
    by Knifeworld
  25. Black Mill Tapes Vol.3
    by Pye Corner Audio
  26. Black Mill Tapes Vol.2
    by Pye Corner Audio
  27. Black Mill Tapes Vol.1
    by Pye Corner Audio
  28. Flights
    by Flights
  29. Such Great Heights
    by Kim Boekbinder and Amanda Palmer
    MISSION CONTROL exclusive
  30. Who Killed Amanda Palmer [Alternate Tracks]
    by Amanda Palmer
  31. Nighty Night
    by 8in8
  32. Amanda Palmer Goes Down Under
    by Amanda Palmer