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  1. Phil Keaggy & Friends - Instrumental Duets
    by Phil Keaggy & Friends
  2. Michigan-I-O
    by Michigan-I-O
  3. Cappadocia
    by Jeff Johnson & Phil Keaggy
    by Frank van Essen
    Cats in the Bakery Cats in the Bakery
    A year later and I'm still enjoying this album. I listen on the road, at home in my library/studio, when I need inspiration, solace, or to be energized (thus my favorite track!) The musicianship is superb and one can tell that heart, soul, and talent were poured into this project. Sola Deo Gloria, and happy new year Frank and company!
  5. Eirlandia
    by Jeff Johnson & Brian Dunning
  6. WinterSky Live
    by Jeff Johnson, Phil Keaggy, Brian Dunning & Wendy Goodwin
  7. Broken, Gazing
    by Jeff Johnson
    For The Beauty Of The Earth For The Beauty Of The Earth
    I have been taking in Jeff Johnson's music since the mid-80's, I guess. (And I say "take in," rather than merely listen or enjoy, for good reason. Whether instrumental or sung, it is food for the soul as well as ears.). I am especially excited about Jeff's recent work with Phil Keaggy and hope to see and hear them together in person this winter.