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Jihmns Ramone

  1. Fairport Harbor, Ohio
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  1. May Day Companion
    by Matt Pryor
  2. Happy To Be Here
    by Barrie
  3. Altogether Unaccompanied Vol. I & II
    by Helena Deland
  4. Drawing Room
    by Helena Deland
    Baby Baby
    Everything she does is raw, beautiful and captivating. I don't know what else to say.
  5. I Love My Boyfriend
    by Princess Chelsea
    transportive and pleasing to the senses, as is all her work. I love it.
  6. In The End
    by So Long Albatross
  7. S/T
    by Tancred
  8. The Orchard EP
    by Holly Mae Henry
  9. The Immigrant-EP
    by Holly Mae Henry
  10. New York
    by Sharp Violet
    Has a Bikini Kill, L7, old-school Yeah Yeah Yeahs feeling to it. Love it.
    by Rosie Thomas
    Wonderful album
  12. So Long, Albatross
    by So Long, Albatross
  13. The Great Cybernetic Depression
    by Princess Chelsea
  14. A Selection Of Demos
    by Gregory and the Hawk
  15. Stone EP
    by Gregory and the Hawk
  16. Come, Now
    by Gregory and the Hawk
  17. Treehouse Sessions
    by Queen Buzz
    I would sleep with every member of Queen Buzz, in succession, on any given day.
  18. Queen Buzz
    by Queen Buzz
  19. Psychosis of Love
    by The Gladeyes
  20. Shadows Explode
    by The Gladeyes
    This is one of the greatest albums to ever touch my ears.