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  1. NMX009: After The Fog
    by Adamczewski / Trimmer / Franklin & Eva May
  2. Sweet Little Witches
    by Switchblade Symphony
  3. TRE LUX: A Strange Gathering
    by Switchblade Symphony
  4. Scrapbook
    by Switchblade Symphony
  5. Ach, Mensch
    by Christoph de Babalon
  6. Sense
    by Dao Strom
  7. More Beats About Drowning
    by Cremation Lily
  8. Between Two Castles - Carpathian Shadows
  9. Faust
    by Profit Prison
  10. Porenut - Mislives
    by Porenut
  11. Viridescens
    by Francesco Cavaliere & Tomoko Sauvage
  12. ロ​ス​ト​エ​デ​ン​へ​の​パ​ス
    by Nmesh and t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者
  13. Killer Whale Atmospheres
    by Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement
  14. Luxor Necropolitics
    by Vatican Shadow
  15. Let There Be Drums (free / pay what you want)
    by JD Twitch
  16. FAMILY ALBUM 2024
  17. Couple Out On The Town Riding The Skull Car
    by Raging October
  18. Cycle Of The Werewolf Bondage
    by Silver Bullet
  19. The Stubborn Survival of the Miraculous
    by Janaka Stucky
  20. Sinister Nostalgia – A Switchblade Symphony Remix Collection
    by Various Artists