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  1. Chaotic Shapes (Collected Mix)
    by Zen Baboon
  2. A Noite (Kaya Project Remix)
    by Zen Baboon
  3. Stereogram (Solar Fields remix)
    by Tripswitch
  4. Gravity Free (Remastered)
    by Astropilot
    appears in 1 other collection
  5. Lunar Phases (Amortalist Remix)
    by Lunecell
  6. Galaxians
    by Sensient
  7. After The Rain (24 bit)
    by Airi
  8. Omnious
    by Sync24
  9. Leaving Home
    by Solar Fields
  10. View from Laniakea (Treavor Moontribe Remix)
    by Desert Dwellers
  11. Crossing Beyond (Mumukshu Remix)
    by Desert Dwellers
  12. The Great Mystery
    by Desert Dwellers
  13. Impulse
    by Triforce
  14. Dislimitations
    by Fungophago
  15. Down The Well
    by Eartheogen
  16. The Waters of Lethe (24 bit)
    by Fungophago
  17. Time Capsules (24bit)
    by Beatroots
  18. A Hundred Miles of Wire
    by Evil Oil Man
  19. V/A - "Assimilated" (Compiled by Freedom Fighters)
    by Zenon Records
  20. Kinetic Anaesthetics
    by Sumiruna
  21. Kinematic Mechanic
    by Sumiruna
  22. Liminal Language
    by Sumiruna
  23. Vision Quest
    by Brujo's Bowl
  24. The End of All Things
    by Sensient
  25. Groovy Nectar
    by Brojanowski
  26. Intricate Delicacies
    by Dr. Strangefunk
  27. Small Talk Series Vol. 11
    by Zenon Records
  28. Permutations Vol. 5
    by Zenon Records
  29. Florian MSK - Around Mars In A Day
    by Zenon Records
  30. The Universe is Sound (Feat. Ryanosaurus)
    by Pspiralife
  31. The Bloom Series Vol 3: Ways Of The Sacred - Part 1
    by The Bloom Series
  32. Spaces Between - FREE
    by Desert Dwellers
  33. The Eternal Weave EP
    by Numatik
  34. The Hathors
    by Kalya Scintilla
  35. Embrace The One
    by Temple Step
  36. The Divine Purpose EP
    by Symbolico
  37. Mindex - Teleport EP
    by Mindex
  38. Taproot
  39. Fungophago - Sagittarius A
    by Zenon Records