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  1. anhedonia
    by normal state
  2. Oxperls
    by Geotic
    Return to form. Brilliant
  3. Intentionally Gone
    by Bjorn Rohde
  4. Troperens
    by Geotic
    Great song, but listening to it I can't help but lament the absence of the all-piano geotic album that was to be released as "Evening Sky."
  5. LXVE ll
    take your pills and carry on take your pills and carry on
    An unheralded classic - BCD deserves much more love than he's gotten from the musical community. Alex G acknowledges Brandon was a big inspiration for him - nuff said.
  6. Climi / / Marmalade
    by Marmalade & Climi
    These Marmalade kids got potential. Indie purists and great instrumentalists.
  7. FearingClearly
    by Delaney Mills
    I play this when I want to feel disturbed
  8. Morning Shore (Eon Isle)
    by Geotic
    Adventurists Adventurists
    Wonderful album. Looping music that never feels repetitive - it just sucks you in. But I can never listen to it without feeling sad that Evening Sky never happened. There is nothing I want more in the world of music than an all-piano Geotic album!
  9. Container Ship
    by The Kevin Costner Suicide Pact
    Wallace Wallace
    KCSP does ambient like no other.