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  1. They Live
    by Carlos Arcay
  2. Music for Brontosaurus
    by Soylent Green Project
  3. Zov (Зов)
    by Compass Mauri
  4. May Cause Death
    by Eight Lives Down
  5. 01011001
    by Ayreon
  6. The Human Equation
    by Ayreon
  7. The Source
    by Ayreon
  8. Into The Electric Castle
    by Ayreon
  9. The Final Experiment
    by Ayreon
  10. Actual Fantasy Revisited
    by Ayreon
  11. Ayreon Universe
    by Ayreon
  12. Universal Migrator Part 1 & 2
    by Ayreon
    by ADAGIO
  14. Urn
    by Ne Obliviscaris
  15. Darker Days
    by Stream Of Passion
  16. Space 1992: Rise of the Chaos Wizards
    by Gloryhammer
  17. Apex
    by Unleash The Archers
  18. Haven (Deluxe Version)
    by Kamelot
  19. The Armor of Ire
    by Eternal Champion
  20. White Horse Hill
    by Solstice
  21. The Revenant King
    by Visigoth
  22. Sumerlands
    by Sumerlands
  23. The Golden Bough
  24. King of the Dead (Ultimate Edition)
    by Cirith Ungol
  25. None But the Brave
    by Ironsword
  26. Down In The Dark
    by Blazon Stone
  27. Boldly Stride The Doomed
    by ARGUS
  28. 1755
    by Moonspell
  29. Rituals
    by Plateau Sigma
  30. In The Nightside Eclipse - 20th Anniversary Remastered Edition
    by Emperor
  32. Twilight of the Thunder God
    by Amon Amarth
  33. Traced in Air
    by Cynic
  34. Live at Maida Vale - BBC
    by Baroness
  35. Red Album
    by Baroness
  36. Yellow & Green
    by Baroness
  37. Blue Record (Deluxe Version)
    by Baroness
  38. Belfry
    by Messa
  39. Támsins Likam
    by Hamferð
  40. Genesis
    by Carlos Arcay
  41. El mundo que me enferma
    by Soda de Zerocoma
  42. CHRONOSHRED: The Adventures of Stardust Lazerdong
    by Baltimore Rock Opera Society
  43. MURDERCASTLE: Original Soundtrack EP
    by Baltimore Rock Opera Society
  44. The Terrible Secret of Lunastus
    by Magnetaur
  45. Amphion
    by Baltimore Rock Opera Society