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Jean-François Cousin

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  1. KONNEKTED (Compilation)
    by Stick Men
  2. A Sky Full Of Stars For A Roof
    by Djam Karet
  3. Krigssång- Warsong
    by Trettioariga Kriget
  4. Seaside air
    by Trettioariga Kriget
  5. Efter efter- After after
    by Trettioariga Kriget
  6. I Början och Slutet- In the Beginning and the End
    by Trettioariga Kriget
  7. Elden av år- Fire of years
    by Trettioariga Kriget
  8. Desert Overcrowded
    by Tuber
    Desert Overcrowded Desert Overcrowded
    Wow, I was looking for some music in the stoner genre... and foung this band : sort of a mix of stoner and post-rock. Really good for your health !
  9. The Form of the Good
    by Deluge Grander
  10. August in the Urals
    by Deluge Grander
    Inaugural Bash Inaugural Bash
    My favourite album from Deluge Grander. Just listen and discover the music.
  11. Heliotians
    by Deluge Grander
  12. Multipurpose Trap
    by Birds and Buildings
  13. In a cold embrace
    by Battlestations
    A very gothic atmosphere throughout the album... which I appreciate.
  14. The Long Division
    by 3RDegree
    You're Fooling Yourselves You're Fooling Yourselves
    Perhaps on the pop side of progressive rock. Nevertheless, the music sounds very "refreshing".
  15. ~
    by iamthemorning
  16. La Quarta Vittima
    by Fabio Zuffanti
  17. L'Ombra Della Sera
    by L'Ombra Della Sera
    Gamma Gamma
    Fantastic music! Just what I've been looking for: close to Goblin but modern and never repetitive. Great use of analogue keyboards. Love that sound!
  18. Reanimation
    by Lights & Motion
  19. Small Tales
    by Accents
  20. Tall Tales
    by Accents