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  1. Realm Of The Tormentor
    by Dream Tröll
  2. Kaleidoscopes
    by Chris Catalyst
  3. Eschatology
    by Mr Biffo
  4. Starship Velociraptor
    by Galactikraken & Jonathan Young
  5. Desire
    by Control the Storm
  6. BURN
    by Foxy Shazam
  7. Ghostrunner (Original Soundtrack)
    by Daniel Deluxe
  8. Mirrored Revenge
    by Sorceress of Sin
  9. Lonely Star (Christmas Song)
  10. Maze
  11. III: Pentecost
    by Wytch Hazel
    I Am Redeemed I Am Redeemed
  12. The Zeramin Game
  13. Damned For All Time
    by Sacred Outcry
  14. Flowers of Evil
    by Ulver
  15. Herbaceous Boarder
    by Los Antos Cosmos
    nuggets and chestnuts nuggets and chestnuts
  16. Resurrection Part Two
    by The Sevateem
  17. Abyss
    by Unleash The Archers
  18. Sound Footage
    by Mr Biffo
  19. Age Of Steel
    Alderley Edge Alderley Edge
    Intense, galloping, melodic anthems to remind you of all the reasons you love heavy metal - a kickarse album from a legendarily-celebrated band. Fans of Halloween or Gamma Ray should definitely check out 'Gods Of War' at the very least
  20. Arctiinae
    by Invocation Array
    The Polymorphic Code The Polymorphic Code
    It's easy to like the Invocation Array sound; and their trademark immaculate production and idiosyncratic lyrics are on full display all through this album. I most enjoy the songs where the formula is pushed in unexpected directions - like the beautiful, neo-traditional 'From The Stones' or the almost DragonForcey chorus of 'Occult Sequence'. Plenty here to enjoy.