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  1. Blue Smoke Orange Sky
    by Bad Liquor Pond
  2. Heaven Beats Iowa - Cub Scout Bowling Pins
    by Guided By Voices
    Heaven Beats Iowa Heaven Beats Iowa
    GBV goes full on Dukes of Stratosphear, turning in an alter-ego neo-psychedelia album. They'd go even further on the full length, but this EP is a fun little gem
  3. Atwater Afternoon
    by American Music Club
  4. Introducing...The Asteroid No.4
    by The Asteroid No.4
  5. Pleased When You Come
    by The Strange Flowers
  6. John On The Moon
    by The Strange Flowers
  7. The Great Escape
  8. This Is Not An Exit : Live at the Mercury Lounge
    by Miracle Legion
  9. Live at Glam Slam
    by Miracle Legion
  10. Doublethink
    by Miracle Legion
  11. Bolts Of Melody
    by Adam Franklin
    Theme From LSD Theme From LSD
    Consistency may lead to middling work in some artists, but Adam Franklin is not one of them. With Bolts of Melody, Adam Franklin may be charting familiar territory, but he is also evoking the spirit of classic Swervedriver.
  12. 7 Songs Belfast
    by Mark Kozelek
  13. Blastic Scene (Live in Lisbon 1993)
    by Sonic Youth
  14. Live in Los Angeles 1998
    by Sonic Youth
    by Todd Tobias
  16. I RAZOR
    by Todd Tobias and Circus Devils
    The Sergeant and the Horse The Sergeant and the Horse
    So haunting and brilliant. Like the soundtrack to a lost Roman Polanski film
  17. Anesthesia
    by The Umbrella Puzzles
  18. Empty Horses
    by Tobin Sprout
    While I knew I would love any album Toby released, I was completely taken aback by how incredible this one is. "The Return" is perfection in 90 seconds, but a complete departure from what we're used to from him. Rather than a short song with a lofi sound, we get a full-bodied americana song filtered through Toby's warm voice and strumming. Honestly my favorite release of the year. Thank you Mr. Sprout xo
  19. This Music Is Ours
    by A Head Full of Wishes
  20. On Fire | 30
    by A Head Full of Wishes