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  1. Coastal
    by Coastal
    by Marissa Nadler
  3. Marked For Death
    by Emma Ruth Rundle
    Fantastic album. Very reminiscent of 90s slowcore with an even more beautiful and dark edge. It's hard to find music like this nowadays but I'm very pleased to have found it.
  4. Sad And Beautiful World
    by Jesse Malin
  5. Watery, Domestic
    by Pavement
  6. Evergreen
    by The Psychedelic Furs
  7. Ten Years Of Tears
    by Mark Eitzel
  8. Return Of The Roughnecks
    by ChameleonsVox
  9. Return Of The Roughnecks
    by ChameleonsVox
  10. Choke
    by Violet Indiana
  11. Solo Works 96 - 98
    by Simon Raymonde
  12. Another Flower
    by Robin Guthrie & Harold Budd
  13. Universal Road
    by Robin Guthrie & Mark Gardener
    Universal Road Universal Road
  14. Back Numbers
    by Dean & Britta
  15. Sometimes You're Right
    by Tiny Ocean
  16. Summerlong
    by Rose City Band
    Floating Out Floating Out

    "Perhaps “Floating Out” is the melodic highlight of the album. Dreamy droning guitars surround Johnson’s vocals, evoking the feeling of both Luna and Spiritualized. The slow drums add to the ambiance and give the composition a great sense of space – as well as feeling like it is floating in space."
  17. Northern Songs
    by The Asteroid No.4
  18. The Fall - Live 1993 at Hallam University, Sheffield
    by sheffieldtapearchive
  19. Get Along
    by St Vitus Dance
    Really cool track. Possibly the St. Vitus Dance track which most closely resembles Noel's work fronting The Bunnymen. Lyrics seem to describe the bands struggles to take off in the late 80s, and their subsequent reunion. All of which is wrapped up in a romantic relationship metaphor.
  20. Dereck 3
    by Dereck Higgins
    Night Music Night Music
    "Night Music" reminds me of the feeling I get from David Gilmour at his most ambient. This is music that creates an atmosphere. It fills the room and lifts you up. Dereck's spirit is all throughout this wonderful recording, but "Night Music" speaks to me the most.

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