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  1. Hypnotic Pulse Of The Reindeer Range
    by Bill MacKay & Ryley Walker
    Hypnotic Pulse Of The Reindeer Range Hypnotic Pulse Of The Reindeer Range
  2. Eric's Leftovers (1990-1993)
    by Eric (co-founder of Sebadoh)
    Visibly Wasted Visibly Wasted
  3. Titan Space Heater
    by Eric Gaffney (Grey Matter, x-SeBadoh)
    Cancer of The Face Cancer of The Face
    More strange genius from the irreplaceable Eric Gaffney. I love the alternate take of "The Invisible Mouse" included here. "Cancer of The Face" might be one of his nuttiest - and catchiest - tracks yet, and "Go Vegan" is a great punk rave up with a message.
  4. America's Drug
    by Eric Gaffney (Grey Matter, x-SeBadoh)
    The Newts & The Salamanders The Newts & The Salamanders
    Fabulously strange combination of songs, and short stories set to music. Any fan of indie rock or serious lover of unique music should own this
  5. Supernatural Force (III originals)
    by Eric Gaffney (Sebadoh co-founder)
    Stored Up Wonder (orig. Supernatural Force, 1/90) Stored Up Wonder (orig. Supernatural Force, 1/90)
    I think what separates Gaffney from his peers is that he literally has no fear; fear of sounding or being perceived as insane, fear of failing (having a song that doesn’t work), or fear of a lack of success/funding. He’s literally let his muse carry him wherever he wants to go. (Much like the late Mark E. Smith or Syd Barrett)
  6. Blush (EP)
    by The Cherry Wave
    Blush Blush
    Excellent! Kind of a combination of early Spiritualized, MBV, and Psychocandy era Mary Chain. Not reinventing the wheel, but manages to be fuzzy, trebly, and thin without getting too much like the less savory '80s copycat acts of the 1990s (cough, cough Smashing Pumpkins.) Highly recommended for noispop, shoegazing, and post-punk fans. Could've come out in 1988, easily
  7. Charm School
    by halfsour
    Ten Year Tenure Ten Year Tenure
  8. Let You Fall b/w WYF
    by Summer Cannibals
    Let You Fall Let You Fall
    Jessica Boudreaux is my generation's greatest guitar hero, and one of the strongest garage punk songwriters in the business, bridging melody and noise in ways not heard since 1992. (Not that I was alive then, mind you)
  9. Goodbye Garden
    by Julep
  10. Strange
    by Julep
  11. God's Dream
    by Ringo Deathstarr
    Flower Power Flower Power
    Powerful shoegazing release with a post-punk edge. You can tell from the photo of Alex with the rifle just what you are getting into here. "Flower Power" is almost industrial at the start, but shifts to a much more pastoral bridge section later on. The entire album is this thrilling and beautiful. Highly recommended.
  12. Hush
    by Kindling
    For Olive For Olive
    Great album. Opener "For Olive," and its delicious chord progressions will stick in your head for days. "Wait" and "Rain" are also highlights that show the softer side of the group. And while "Better World" is almost a sequel to "For Olive" in tone, it makes up for the reuse of the chord progression with a passionate performance from all involved. The two singers sound better than ever before, and their guitars are even more forceful, while being more restrained in all the right ways.
  13. Roll with the Urchins
    by Rye Pines
    Combing surf music with classic Boston Noise Rock, Rye Pines latest is a winner on all fronts. This album puts the "high" in Highly Recommended
  14. Boss Metal Zone EP
    by Beware The Dangers Of A Ghost Scorpion!
    Straight To Darkness Straight To Darkness
    This EP has such a cool surf rock/horror punk hybrid sound, with just enough garage rock rawness thrown into the mix. Especially on the raw power of "Straight To Darkness" and the almost dance-able "As Hot As Hell." Highly Recommended.
  15. "Ka-Prow!" b/w "Hexxy"
    by Speedy Ortiz
    Hexxy Hexxy
    B-Side Hexxy is a re-recording of earlier song "Hexxy Sadie," but with more power behind it, especially in the guitars and the drums. Go buy it!
  16. Taylor Swift b/w Swim Fan
    by Speedy Ortiz
    Taylor Swift Taylor Swift
    Classic single. "Taylor Swift" has gorgeously noisy guitars and laconically passionate vox. You can't go wrong with early Speedy
  17. Sports EP
    by Speedy Ortiz
    Indoor Soccer Indoor Soccer
    Indoor Soccer will definitely always be among my favorite Speedy tracks, but this is the release where they became a full "band." So this is where the magic begins
  18. 420
    by Dereck Higgins
    House and Diary House and Diary
    Beautiful, soul engrossing album that lives up to it's title. "House and Dairy" is a definite highlight with the keyboard progression leading me to a musically-induced spiritual awakening.
  19. Holiday in Rhode Island (KLP119)
    by The Softies
    Me And The Bees Me And The Bees
    How do I pick highlights off of this? ok, I'll try; "These Sad Times" "Me and The Bees" the title track, and "Favorite Shade of Blue" are my absolute favorites. But the entire album is a beautiful portrayal of heartache and loss.
  20. It's Love (KLP043)
    by The Softies
    An Awful Mess An Awful Mess
    This album is perfect for any time of the year; whether you're in the midst of a lazy summer day, or in the throws of a crushing heartbreak. An Awful Mess is hitting me just right lyrically, but the whole album is pastoral and dream-like. It's always there for you when you need it
  21. Flyover
    by Dereck Higgins
    Mad Man Walking Mad Man Walking
    Such a wide range of emotions conveyed in the instrumentation on this disc. Each song flows perfectly into the next, and I am lost in space/the farthest reaches of my mind. Anyone who enjoys '80s electronic, ambient music, dream pop, or soul will love this.
  22. Boston Sessions, Volume 1: Beast
    by The Record Co.
    Sink Sink
  23. The Mean Solar Times
    by STAY
    Smiling Faces (w/Andy Bell) Smiling Faces (w/Andy Bell)
    Neo-Psychedelia with a Stone Roses swagger. This album rocks
  24. Weak
    by Blushing
    Weak Weak
    Weak is simply a beautiful song, with it's cascading vocal harmonies and guitars that go from ambient in the verses to explosive in the chorus. Highly recommended
  25. Rendezvous
    by Luna
    Rainbow Babe Rainbow Babe
    Absolutely gorgeous album, and possibly one of Luna's best. It doesn't hurt that Rainbow Babe reminds me of my current crush, but I'm sure it will always be my favorite track
  26. YMCA Pool
    by Palehound
    Sea of Blood Sea of Blood
    Sea of Blood is a gorgeous song, that bares slight resemblance to early R.E.M.; Kempner's guitar now chimes and jangles like a rickenbacker. Highly recommended
  27. Soccer Mommy - Audiotree Live
    by soccer mommy
    Inside Out Inside Out
    Amazing session, and a great depiction of what they sound like live. Go see them. Sophie is great!
  28. Horror Movie b/w TL (Reprisal) Cassingle *Remixed and Remastered*
    by Wildhoney
    TL (Reprisal) TL (Reprisal)
    Beautiful single, especially the B-side which approaches Jazzy territory in it's concluding minutes. Moves beyond shoegazing in a beautiful new direction
  29. A Broken Mirror
    by Virtual Perfection Cowboy
    A Broken Mirror A Broken Mirror
    Dash is the perfect foil to Erica Sutherland in Littlefoot. Here, his own brand of dreamscapes take the center spotlight. Very reminiscent of Slowdive at their most ambient. Recommended
  30. Forever
    by Two Souls
    Deeper Than Blue Deeper Than Blue
    Beautiful Shoegazing. Demi is a brilliant songwriter
  31. The Ghost Ease
    by The Ghost Ease
    Supermoon (in Scorpio) Supermoon (in Scorpio)
    Very cool band. Jem has a very unique voice both on the guitar and vocally. They're also currently trying to make a 3rd album, so if you like this, you should support them ;)
  32. Music from the Adventures of Pete & Pete
    by Polaris
    Waiting for October Waiting for October
    Classic Jangle pop from a classic TV show. Mark Mulcahy is always brilliant no matter who he is playing with
    sad love song [from someone else] sad love song [from someone else]
    oh well oh well
  35. honeymoon
  36. Sour Grass (KLP023)
    by Tiger Trap
    Sour Grass Sour Grass
    "Sour Grass" is a perfect song about crushes, and how they cloud our feelings for someone with fluff and happiness.
  37. Strange Peace
    by METZ
    Cellophane Cellophane
  38. Snail Mail - Audiotree Live
    by Snail Mail
    Slug Slug
    Indie pop at it's finest, of course "Slug" would be the favorite. With its dreamy chords, that was a given. But the rest of the EP is almost as strong. Especially "Thinning."
  39. Intercourse / The Asound split
    by Intercourse
    Too Fucked To Yiff Too Fucked To Yiff
    One of the best singles I've heard this month. Making exciting Post-Hardcore is tough nowadays, but these guys do it by not trying to reinvent the wheel. Rather, they simply perfect what has been done before in the '80s/'90s, while sounding true to themselves.
  40. Cherry EP
    by Curve
    Die Like A Dog Die Like A Dog
    Amazing EP. Die Like A Dog has all the creeping intensity of Doppelganger, and the rest of the tracks pre-date the sparse sounds of Cuckoo by two years. Definitely a worthy purchase for all fans of shoegazing and industrial rock. Long live Curve
  41. KXLU In Studio Session For Part Time Punks
    by Chatham Rise
    Hollows (w/Jeff Levitz) Hollows (w/Jeff Levitz)
    Amazing EP from Chatham Rise. Really beautiful guitar sound that will immerse your soul
  42. Smash / Still Apart
    by VARSITY
    Still Apart Still Apart
    Saw this band play live last night at my school. They were pretty good
  43. Sugar for the Pill
    by Slowdive
  44. Barn Songs
    by Seana Carmody
    Cemetery Party Cemetery Party
    Seana has a knack for strong melodies and songs that won't leave your head for days. This all consuming release will bring much joy to whoever listens
  45. Romantica
    by Luna
    Rememories Rememories
    Too many great tracks to pick from; "Lovedust" has one of Dean's best riffs, "Orange Peel" smolders and burns with some very sexy lead guitar work, "Black Champagne" has David Fridmann's famous strings arrangements, "Mermaid Eyes" is a gorgeous duet, and "Rememories" is gorgeous stoned Alt. Country/Dream pop