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  1. Cherry EP
    by Curve
    Die Like A Dog Die Like A Dog
    Amazing EP. Die Like A Dog has all the creeping intensity of Doppelganger, and the rest of the tracks pre-date the sparse sounds of Cuckoo by two years. Definitely a worthy purchase for all fans of shoegazing and industrial rock. Long live Curve
  2. KXLU In Studio Session For Part Time Punks
    by Chatham Rise
    Hollows (w/Jeff Levitz) Hollows (w/Jeff Levitz)
    Amazing EP from Chatham Rise. Really beautiful guitar sound that will immerse your soul
  3. Smash / Still Apart
    by VARSITY
    Still Apart Still Apart
    Saw this band play live last night at my school. They were amazing
  4. Sugar for the Pill
    by Slowdive
  5. Barn Songs
    by Seana Carmody
    Honeysucker Honeysucker
  6. Romantica
    by Luna
    Rememories Rememories
    Too many great tracks to pick from; "Lovedust" has one of Dean's best riffs, "Orange Peel" smolders and burns with some very sexy lead guitar work, "Black Champagne" has David Fridmann's famous strings arrangements, "Mermaid Eyes" is a gorgeous duet, and "Rememories" is gorgeous stoned Alt. Country/Dream pop
  7. Flat Worms - Red Hot Sand debut 7" EP
    by Flat Worms
    Sovereignty Sovereignty
    Heard this on Marc Riley's BBC Radio 6 show today. Absolutely amazing.
  8. The Wink
    by Tim Presley
    Clue Clue
    Beautiful Neo-Psychedelic sounds from Tim Presley of The Fall and White Fence fame. "Morris" is a highlight, with it's shimmering guitar textures, and strings-via-synthesizer. A must have.
  9. Better Things
    by Tanya Donelly and Bill Janovitz
    Beautiful cover. They sound amazing together, and I'm sure every Bostonian has been waiting for this collaboration since 1993. It was worth it
  10. Steamroom 31
    by Jim O'Rourke
    Generator Generator
    "Generator" contains many of the brilliant drones/sound effects that made Yankee Hotel Foxtrot an avant pop masterpiece. Makes sense since the man responsible for it's mix is the sole creator of the compositions here. Long live Jim O'Rourke, and the Steamroom series of albums.
  11. Real Gone
    by Rodger Coleman
    Morning Buzz Morning Buzz
    Soothing, adventurous use of various analog synths. Mr. Coleman creates vast landscapes of sound which are suitable for any relaxed setting. Highly recommend for fans of ambient, free jazz or krautrock. Cheers Rodger.
  12. Slumber
    by Dead Stars
    Someone Else Someone Else
  13. Star Roving
    by Slowdive
    Having Slowdive back is a dream. Even better, now that they are releasing new music which rivals anything they've previously released. Here's hoping they make a million quid off of this one
  14. Panda
    by The Bears
    Baby Can't Dance Baby Can't Dance
    Picking highlights off of an A/B single is tough! Especially when the A Side and B Side are both so good. It's like listening to lost tracks from the C86 compilation. Right up there with Miaow! and The Shop Assistants.
  15. Drifting EP
    by Long Trees
    Drifting Drifting
    Basking in Slowcore/Alt. Country perfection, "Drifting" is a sparsely produced and orchestrated masterpiece. With a clean, minimalist guitarline, brushstroke drumbeat, and warm male vocal, it is the strongest track here. While none of the other tracks quite reach the height of it's subtle beauty, "Jenny" is good skipping country rock in the vein of Wilco's AM. "Prez" is glacial psych rock, and "You Keep On Singing My Songs" waltzes along like prime mid-'70s Grateful Dead.
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  16. Luna Demos 1991
    by Dean Wareham
    Anesthesia Anesthesia
    Some of these demos might be even better than the finished tracks. It's easy to see why Elektra said "Yes." (For what it's worth, Dean's multiple layers of guitars at the end of "Anesthesia" had me blown away especially. And the clean-esque jangle of "I Can't Wait" sounds even better with an actual member of the legendary group joining him. "Slash Your Tires" is brilliant and cutting in any form you can find.) Buy it now
  17. Hellzapoppin
    by The 3Ds
    Baby's On Fire Baby's On Fire
  18. tuesday night live
    by halfsour
    Fake Sandwich Fake Sandwich
    This record feels timeless already. All of the melodies are super strong, with just enough fuzz to keep things balanced on the sweet and sour sides. They couldn't have picked a more perfect band name/apt description of their sound than halfsour
  19. Shame Parade
    by Split Feet
    It Broke Once It Broke Once
    This album is bookended by my favorite tracks, the tight, wiry "Double Blind" and the harrowing "It Broke Once." Evocations of Touch and Go style Post-Hardcore/Noise Rock, and lofi early '80s post-punk from the UK, this album is all over the musical map. And it succeeds because of it's understanding of the source material.
  20. Keep on Zaccin'!: Songs From and Inspired by Mystical Excursions on the Experimental Hallucinogen "Prozac" (Fluoxetine)
    by Mark Prindle
    I Adore and Cherish My Occupation Job I Adore and Cherish My Occupation Job
    Excellent album, especially this track. Beautiful melody, hilarious lyrics.
  21. Smilehouse: The Tragic Remains of an Abandoned Masterpiece
    by Mark Prindle
    POPVIOLIN (re-recording with inferior line-up) POPVIOLIN (re-recording with inferior line-up)
    Absolutely hilarious, in a totally non-pretentious way. Parodies of Math Rock, hardcore, and subject matter too inappropriate to discuss in the box (without being flagged) are all included. Highly recommended.
  22. Year Of Mondays
    by Mike Johnson
    Left In The Dark Left In The Dark
    Beautiful album. Great vocals, lyrics, drumming (courtesy of J. Mascis) and production. Mike Johnson is truly a national treasure. Great bassist too
  23. Down By The Bay
    by Eric Gaffney Recordings (1988 to 2016)
    Gone Wrong Gone Wrong
    It doesn't let me pick it here, but "Left To Be" is my favorite track with it's elastic, melodic guitars, and cool drums. Eric is a true genius, and everyone who loves great '90s indie rock should own this
  24. Novelty
    by Jawbox
    Static Static
    Static is a post-hardcore classic. Great throbbing engine room bass from Kim
  25. Fits Of Reason
    by Brown Bird
    Seven Hells Seven Hells
  26. Salt For Salt
    by Brown Bird
    Fingers To The Bone Fingers To The Bone
  27. Curse of the Loaf
    by Archers of Loaf
    Audiowhore Audiowhore
  28. The Water Street Demos
    by The Huntress and Holder of Hands
    Call to Arms Call to Arms
  29. Axis Mundi
    by Brown Bird
    Adolescence Adolescence
  30. Parade On
    by doug gillard
    Come Out And Show Me Come Out And Show Me
  31. Bright Colors
    by Dead Stars
    Stay Here Stay Here
    Amazing album, especially "Stay Here" which evokes '90s indie perfectly. Bryce Goggin would be proud to have produced this
  32. The Water Street Demos
    by The Huntress and Holder of Hands
    Call to Arms Call to Arms
    Gorgeous EP. Just make sure that you're emotionally prepared before you hit play; This is a beautiful, but heavy listen
  33. Turn To Each Other
    by And The Kids
    Devastation Celebration Devastation Celebration
  34. Quiet
    by MILCK
  35. Dry Food
    by Palehound
    Dixie Dixie
    How do I pick just one? This record is loaded with gorgeous melodies, open turnings, and warm hazy vocal arrangements. Ellen Kempner is a genius. Right now, "Healthier Folk," "Molly," The Title cut, and the sleepily soothing "Seekonk," (which perfectly demonstrates the loneliness and boredom experienced when visiting the Massachusetts town of the same name), but I feel like over time "Dixie" will emerge as the real winner, with it's finger-picked melody, and mock-gag.
  36. Tapestries
    by Tapestries
    Intro Intro
  37. Punks Suing Punks EP
    by Free Kitten
    Kitten Bossanova Kitten Bossanova
  38. Calculated
    by Heavens To Betsy
    Calculated Calculated
  39. What About Us
    by The Fall
  40. Psych For Sore Eyes 2
    by Various Artists
    Elastic Id Elastic Id
  41. 55 Greetings
    by Clay Cole
    Goodbye Voyager Goodbye Voyager
  42. Weed Forestin'
    by sentridoh
    brand new love brand new love