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  1. Pinky Heaven
    by Pinky Lemon
  2. Some Of It Was True
    by The Menzingers
  3. There's No Place In This World For Me
    by The Menzingers
  4. Crying, Laughing, Waving, Smiling
    by Slaughter Beach, Dog
    My Sister in Jesus Christ My Sister in Jesus Christ
    i am captured on the inner art of the record. HMAC January 2023 show baybeee
  5. Strange Weather
    by Slaughter Beach, Dog
  6. Bad Actors
    by The Menzingers
  7. On The Possible Past
    by The Menzingers
    Casey Casey
    mfs making me cry on the bus :(
  8. feather river canyon blues
    by pigeon pit
    the opening track made me tear up and feel how I did when I heard pigeon pit for the first time many years ago
  9. Just Like Me
    by Slaughter Beach, Dog
  10. New Radio
    by Bikini Kill
  12. Fair Shot
    by Slaughter Beach, Dog
  13. The Birthday Tapes
    by Darning
  14. Weller
    by Weller
  15. Weller
    by Weller
    Standard Standard
  16. Birdie
    by Slaughter Beach, Dog
    Bad Beer Bad Beer
    reminds me of how much I love my bf and also yall mentioned boscovs. that makes me happy as I have a bunch of clothes from there. also annie will you marry me makes me so happy that's what I want to hear
  17. There's Something About Kairi
    by Posture & The Grizzly
  18. Motorcycle.jpg
    by Slaughter Beach, Dog
  19. narra
    by narra
  20. Maddy and her Jazz Friends
    by Maddy And Her Jazz Friends