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Jessica Fogle

  1. Grand Haven, Michigan
  2. Folk
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  1. Overgrowth
    by Strawberry Heritage
    Bound To Separate Bound To Separate
  2. Our Love Is Imagined
    by rachele eve
    black magic black magic
  3. sorry
    by Katie Mansfield
  4. Valentine's Day
    by Charlie Darling
  5. If I Knew What I Wanted
    by Katie Mansfield
    End of the Line End of the Line
  6. Collaborative Split w/ Stone Irr
    by Grammaw and Stone Irr
    Valley Song Valley Song
  7. Misfits
    by Bryan Ralph
    10 short years 10 short years
  8. All Around Us
    by Briana Marela
    All Around Us All Around Us
    Haunting, beautiful, mellow, cathartic, powerful, transformative. Worth listening to from beginning to end, in a quiet peaceful setting - in the woods, on a car ride in nature (I've done both). Love.
  9. Well, I Should Have...*
    by Jon Benjamin - Jazz Daredevil
    Deal With The Devil Deal With The Devil
  10. Carrie & Lowell
    by Sufjan Stevens
    The Only Thing The Only Thing
    My new favorite album. Nothing more to say. Except, life-changing music.
  11. The Wild Family
    by The Wild Family
    Depths Depths
  12. Stairwells and Cellar Doors (demo)
    by Bryan Ralph
    Beneath the steps Beneath the steps
    i love his sound :) such a pure heart and voice.
  13. Passage of Pegasus
    by Breathe Owl Breathe
    Silent Movie Reel Silent Movie Reel
    I love absolutely everything about Breathe Owl Breathe - their records are enchanting and perfect in every way, and their live shows are so spontaneous and entertaining and moving! Love :)
  14. What Wonder is this Universe!
    by the Soil & the Sun
    One Woman One Woman
    Oh how I love the Soil & the Sun! Such a mesmerizing and powerful live show, go see them if you get a chance!!!
  15. Magic Central
    by Breathe Owl Breathe
    Dragon Dragon
    LOVE!!! Quirky funny lovely people making amazing music - check this out!

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  1. Kite Without a String
    by Beach Moon/Peach Moon
  2. Seeds / Pleas
    by Moses Sumney
  3. Home For Lost Souls
    by The Declining Winter
  4. Theater Island
    by Sóley
  5. We'll Meet Again
    by Ditte Elly