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Jessica Fogle

  1. Grand Haven, Michigan
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  1. Rabbit hole (remix) - In the clouds vol. 3 version
    by Jessica in The Rainbow
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  2. Crystal Heart
    by Science Fantasy
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  3. Trie Hard With Acceptance
    by bicycle shorts
  4. This song is fuzzy and lo-fi, like my head.
    by Charlie Darling
    Everything Charlie Darling makes is beautiful lo-fi gold <3 <3 <3
  5. Lapis / Tourmaline
    by Paul Sottnik
    Lapis Lapis
    So struck by this song, and by discovering Paul Sottnik. Keep going! I look forward to a long musical journey from you <3
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  6. Some Good Songs: The Best of Whatthe ∆nimalssay
    by Whatthe Animalssay
    I'm Still in Love with You I'm Still in Love with You
    Very cool very chill very weird without being weird just wonderful cool unknown (by me and those around me) stuff. Really great <3
  7. intrinsic radiance
    by cuddle formation
    Love you Noah <3 You are a beacon and an oasis in a tired competitive world. This is like a blanket, made of water, made for floating, and dreaming on/in. xo
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  8. the living room demos
    by Katie Mansfield
    Love you Katie, I will always cherish your tender voice and perspective. Thank you for adding it to my life <3
  9. Silo to the Horizon (Demo)
    by Ditch Lily
  10. Go Lightly
    by Ditch Lily
    I can't pick a favorite track. This album is too too good. Everyone should know it. On a more technical note, James is a pure and true artist, he is kind and generous with his love, both in real life and in songs. His bandmates are golden. Also much of this album is mixed/produced by Bryan Ralph, who is a wise old soul with an ear for music like no other. The care involved in this record is so evident. Enjoy! <3
  11. Sonder
    by Paucity
  12. tl;dr
    by Grammaw
  13. Caught A Fly
    by Social Caterpillar
  14. You in the Heart of Everyone
    by Fear Not Ourselves Alone
  15. Strangeour Themes
    by bicycle shorts
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  16. The Decameron (single)
    by Liance
  17. The Question (Live and Alone)
    by Anna Tivel
    Shadowland (Acoustic) Shadowland (Acoustic)
    This song (Shadowland) broke me. Too relateable. Thank you Anna for the music. xo <3
  18. In the clouds vol. 1
    by In the clouds
  19. Love What You Do
    by Matthew William Charles
  20. At the Catch-Up Ranch
    by Alex Perez
    Alex is a delightful tender creative genius. I could say so much more, but really you should just check out everything he makes, ever. <3