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  1. Slaughter on Tenth Avenue - 50 Year Anniversary
    by Robby Bloodshed
  2. Cadaver Casket (On a Gurney to Hell)
  3. Canyon Cruise
    by Fuzztronaut
  4. Ultimate Abomination
    by Bodyfarm
  5. Zoinks! / Whatever split
    by Zoinks!
  6. You Really Could Have Had It All
    by Cold Cave
  7. God of Fear and Hunger
    by Parasitic Infection
  8. Bastille Day (Serpent Single)
    by Black Tape For A Blue Girl
  9. Dripping Red II
    by Robby Bloodshed
  10. California
    by Heezer
  11. Hermeticon
    by Never Prey
  12. Autoerotic Exsanguination
    by Zipperguts
  13. Dixie Goat - Order, Chaos, Life and Death
    by Olde Magick Records
  14. Watchmen Demo
    by Amy Schramm
  15. My California
    by Beth Hart
  16. Millions Dead
  17. Acid Magus - Wyrd Syster
    by Olde Magick Records
  18. Ten Storeys Of Rock'n'Roll Destruction!!!
    by Blood Thirst Spider
  19. Dixie Goat - There's No Light Without Darkness
    by Olde Magick Records
  20. Neon Veins
    by Evelyn's Casket