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Jesse Spillane

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  1. Noisy Feelings
    by Ryan Lerman
  2. first dimension
    by nanohertz
  3. Time
    by Louis cole
  4. Synths Working Overtime
    by Lee Rosevere
  5. technicolor
    by covet
  6. effloresce
    by covet
  7. Destinations
    by Lisa Bella Donna
  8. Doodles
    by Lee Rosevere
  9. Call For Winter
    by Daniel Herskedal
    Time Of Water Time Of Water
    This whole album is hauntingly beautiful and re-centers my mood every time I listen to it.
  10. Wolffsburgh
    by Jon Wolff
  11. The Dark side of Things
    by guska & Federico Balducci
  12. The Ego Trap
    by Scary Goldings
    Plant Bass Diet Plant Bass Diet
    This is a really fun record with a classic sound featuring the B3 organ front and center. The videos on youtube of them playing these songs live in the studio are a joy to watch too.
  13. Yatta!
    by Bearded Youth Quest
    Banana Flip-flop Banana Flip-flop
    Bearded Youth Quest have all sorts of complex guitar interplay along with interesting time changes and rhythms. It's very mathy and perhaps flirts with progressive rock stylings.

    But what really makes it special is its relentless cheerfulness. Melodies are surprisingly catchy. It occupies some genres that perhaps aren't usually known for these qualities and makes for a refreshing listen.
  14. Strong Thing
    by Marbin
  15. Four
    by Forq
    I listen to this album more than is healthy. The tracks oozes style. EAV has one of my favorite guitar solos for reasons I can't articulate.
  16. Revenants
    by Arcane
  17. Sir Nebula
    by TAUK
  18. Last Chapter of Dreaming
    by Marbin
  19. Alabama Sock Party (bootleg)
    by Marbin
  20. Shapeshifter II: Outbreak
    by TAUK