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rap legend Jesse Dangerously

  1. Ottawa, Ontario
  2. Hip-Hop/Rap
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  1. No Bad Words For The Coast Today: The Execution Of All Things Covers Comp
    by Various Artists
  2. Anime, Trauma and Divorce
    by Open Mike Eagle
  3. Dark Dreams
    by Jacob Earl
  4. S A L V E
    by NASRA
    by Naman Cale
  6. Re-Birth
    by OBUXUM
  7. Nepotism
    by Chokeules
  8. Nepotism
    by Chokeules
    Gold Metal Jacket Gold Metal Jacket
    Chokeules is witty, sensitive, passionate, and hilarious. His hair is like ELBOW length. He's always been my special lil pal, and I always love when he makes a solo record as a relief to the bombastic presence he provides onnBackburner, Swamp Thing, and Toolshed records - and even most posse cuts and guest spots - and lets us know more about what's on his mind and how he's feeling. Full disclosure: I've heard the whole album, and Gold Metal Jacket is just the beginning!!
  9. The People Could Fly
    by Malibu Shark Attack!
  10. Colors
    by Deadly Stare
    The Letdown and so on The Letdown and so on
    Decades of sonic science, breakbeat devil worship, tunnel dwelling, and dream exile. The synths are uncomfortable, the bass is subsuming, the drums will bump your nugget.
  11. Tommy and Richie present "Billy"
    by Controller 7
    by zeroh
  13. Parallel Port
    by AMBEEZ
  14. He Who Laughs Last
    by Tachichi
  15. Cherry Mongoose
    by Swamp Thing
  16. Musica Oblivione Delebitur
    by Phranick
  17. The Mos Eisley Rap Show EP
    by Wordburglar
  18. Non-Binary (feat. Sophia Eris, Angel Davanport, SHOWYOUSUCK)
    by Psalm One
  19. Neptune In Babylon
    by Ruune
  20. Apartment Number One
    by Ersatz Splynter