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  1. Stonekind - EP
    by Stonekind
  2. Stage 1.0
    by Plant My Bones
    What a marvellous mix of inlfuences. Old progressive blues, classic hard rock, metal riffs, with the energy of punk - all things that I like!
  3. Spirit of the Void
    by Stonekind
  4. Archetypes
    by Cyanna Mercury
  5. Pontian Carol
    by Cyanna Mercury
  6. The Flood
    by Cyanna Mercury
  7. Dirty Things EP
    by Cyanna Mercury
  8. Blues For Zilla
    by Cyanna Mercury
  9. Archetypes
    by Cyanna Mercury
  10. Ode To The Absent Father
    by Cyanna Mercury
  11. 332018LIVE
    by Tamarisk
  12. Soundless Voice
    by Triptonus
  13. Never Too Late
    by TumbleTown
  14. Done with the coldness
    by TumbleTown
  15. Second
    by The Flow
  16. Catalyst*R
    by Catalyst*R
  17. Homesick
    by Chain Reaktor
  18. Growing Down
    by NEPHILA
  19. A Micro Trip from the Studio to Outer Spaces and Beyond
    by Satorinaut
  20. This Desert Land
    by Holy Monitor