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Jeremy Sawdon

  1. The Dalles, Oregon
  2. Hip-Hop/Rap
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  1. Emerald Knights 2
    by Mega Ran and Bag of Tricks Cat
  2. Extra Credit
    by Mega Ran
  3. Stay Strong, Stay Safe (Live Demo)
    by Kieran Strange & The Chaos
  4. The "L.O.S.T." Mixtape
    by Doug Funnie
  5. Hero Muzik Vol.1
    by K-Murdock
    The Ruler's Back - Edgar & Sabin The Ruler's Back - Edgar & Sabin
    Amazing album. I knew each character theme w/o the title. Gau and Shadow were my favorite characters. Their themes are perfect. The Rulers Back is flipping crazy good!
  6. Hero Muzik Vol. II
    by K-Murdock
    Big Brains (feat. Sammus) Big Brains (feat. Sammus)
    This album is amazing! Captures the art, story and music of Chrono Trigger perfectly. The NPC Collective did a fantastic job, everyone shines! The artwork of by Dan is awesome.

    Big Brains with Sammus is so hot! With love, I was looking for Lucca, wanted a girl with big brains.
    But had to have some Ayla, so I didn't worry.

    This game has shaped a lot of our futures. It remains in my top three still. This album shows the monumental impact it has had on us. An instant, timeless classic.

  7. Grown Up
    by Beefy
  8. The Adventures of Beef Thompson: Vampire Hunter
    by Beefy
  9. With Sprinkles
    by Beefy
  10. Tube Technology
    by Beefy
  11. Rolling Doubles
    by Beefy
  12. The Adventures of Beef Thompson: Check Your Local Listings
    by Beefy
  13. The EPs (2005-2009)
    by Beefy
  14. Too Big To Fail, Part One
    by Beefy
  15. Sex Rhymes
    by Schaffer the Darklord
  16. Blank Pages
    by Dr. Awkward
  17. Never Sober (Feat. Bizarre & Justus)
    by Bag Of Tricks Cat
  18. From Guardia With Love
    by Richie Branson
  19. The Zombie Dinosaur LP
    by MC Lars
  20. The Edgar Allan Poe EP
    by MC Lars