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Jeremy Lim

  1. Vancouver, British Columbia
  2. Electronic
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  1. Space Odyssey
    by Jay Fernandes
    Orbit Orbit
  2. SHINY - Original Soundtrack
    by Ryan Ike
    Build It, Box It, Ship It Build It, Box It, Ship It
    by Various Artists
    OBLITERACERS! (Title Theme) OBLITERACERS! (Title Theme)
    I'm on the soundtrack, so I can't talk about me, but the rest of the composers and The Otherworld Agency did a phenomenal job putting this all together! So much bounce!
  4. Charlotte Seeker - Games On Cassette
    by Spencer Riedel
    Cogs Cogs
  5. Off-Peak OST
    by Archie Pelago
    Arcology Arcology
  6. Player One
    by 20SIX Hundred
    Vehicular Combat Vehicular Combat
  7. Rewire EP
    by Leah Mertz
    Rewire Rewire
  8. Movement and Weakness
    by The Cogent Project
    Falling Falling
    I hope you brought floaties because you're about to go swimming in waves upon waves of acoustic-electronic atmospheres.
  9. Hollow Worlds
    by Comaduster
    The Send Off The Send Off
  10. Slipped and Split
    by °lhasa
    On My Own On My Own
    A most apt title, Slipped and Split is a collection of lush atmospheres pushed by skippy beats; there's an amazing ebb and flow to it. Perfect for late nights and longdrives.
  11. Hit The Grave Running EP
    by Subsquare
    Demons Demons
    Subsquare is magic. Normally someone I admire for his skill with soundtracks, he's made it abundantly clear he's just as capable at filling dance floors. From moombahcore to screaming breaks, Subsquare has bases covered with Hit The Grave Running.
  12. Dreamstory
    by sylcmyk
    Sex Sex
    Bought it because "Sex" was so, damn good. Such an apt name. Haven't even heard the rest of the album yet. Stupid proud of this man.
  13. Everybody has Nightmares
    by Underfelt
    Reviews are hard when song titles are already so apt. Just when you think it's over, this track will drag you right back into the darkness. Superb on technical, creative, and narrative merits, this one's a winner.
  14. Armies and Air Raids EP
    by iamforest
    Holland Holland
    If a NES and mother nature found a drum machine and decided to riff, this would be their jam. Don't miss "Holland" for the goodness. Acoustic and synthesized instruments intertwine and soar above underpinning hip hop grooves. Leaving this one on repeat.
  15. The Reign
    by Subsquare
    All of Subsquare's music deserves to be heard - truly studied - with your eyes closed. Nuanced, and highly visual, "The Reign" will lift you up and crush you all in the same sweep.
  16. Supernovah Soundwave EP
    by Supernovah Soundwave
    Day By Day Day By Day
  17. Pure EP
    by Rameses B
    Safe Haven Safe Haven
  18. Tower of Heaven (Original Soundtrack)
    by flashygoodness
    Luna Ascension Luna Ascension
  19. Houdini's Ghost
    by Lavaman
    Dirty Tricks Dirty Tricks
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  20. Samurai
    by baauer
  21. Foreverland OST - 100% Donation to CF Canada
    by Adam Lastiwka
    A moment A moment