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  1. Die With You
    by Trevor Something
    Heartbreak Heartbreak
    it's no secret now that Trevor is experimenting with new sounds that flashes him back to the late 70s and forward to the 90s..I was afraid of this being like SCBaTER but I'm actually ok with this multiple era...Great Album!
  2. Suicide
    by Trevor Something
    Suicide (Hibachi Kid Remix) Suicide (Hibachi Kid Remix)
    I LONG awaited this every since I heard a snipplet on YT and fantasized about what the song would be like and to finally hear it in it's Entirety it's divine. vintage Hot Miami days. warm nights in Vice City...
  3. Class of '84
    by 猫 シ Corp.
    The Dress [with Luxury Elite] The Dress [with Luxury Elite]
    I feel like a teenager in the Early 80s
  4. Dream Forever
    by Hibachi Kid
    I Hate Your Face ft. Trevor Something I Hate Your Face ft. Trevor Something
  5. Distorted Reality EP
    by Trevor Something
    Inside Of You Inside Of You
    I'm Glad it's no longer a unreleased album. hopefully He releases more of his unreleased material and I will gladly shove my money down his throat!
  6. Soulless Computer Boy and The Eternal Render
    by Trevor Something
    The Real You The Real You
    I thought it was pretty good. wasn't really feeling the last few tracks. i felt like it strayed from what makes Trevor Something . not that I have anything against instrumentals & I definitely do support the fact that he is experimenting with different sounds of the 80s but some tracks felt a bit current & not dated in the 80s.. the last tracks just felt like it was put there to end the album. did not like that "Do it again" was slapped on it. instead of a unknown or unreleased track.
  7. sleeplessness
    by sea oleena
    Southbound Southbound
    makes me think back to when there was a unspoken ultimatum with my cat a day before we were to move to a new location, where if he went outside now he would come back to a empty home. (He leaves for about 2 days at a time) he chose to run out when my pizza was delivered...i imagine two days later he came to the house and was ultimately picked up by animal comtrol who did their monthly sweep for strays...if only he stayed. (Fictional scenario Obviously)
  8. sea oleena
    by sea oleena
    Swimming Story Swimming Story
    simply because of swimming story. this song is what falling in love feels like in my opinion.