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  1. Day One (EP)
    by Helhest
    Deception Deception
  2. Remastered Package
    by Shrapnel
    Ej Shannon is My Best Friend Ej Shannon is My Best Friend
    This album (although short) really grabs you by the hair and forces you to bang your head. Hearing the first song "Ej Shannon is My Best Friend" took me by complete surprise and I could not stop listening. Shrapnel really showed proficiency in musical composition as well as lyrical content in this album. I could not recommend this album enough, add this to your collection ASAP
  3. Shadowmind
    by Shadowmind
    Storm Storm
    This album forces its way down your throat and and shakes you to the core. Shadowmind shows proficient use of lyrical content, intricate and precise guitar work all mixed together with a "no bullshit" attitude. All this while staying true to its thrash and death metal roots, I cannot recommend this album enough. Add this to your collection ASAP
  4. Frozen Shield - Deafening Woods (EP)
    by Frozen Shield
    Green Beards Green Beards
    This album (although short) really packs a sucker punch to the face and a swift kick to the nuts. Frozen Shield combines elements of folk, viking and death metal with ease. I think the songwriting and lyrical content is absolutely brilliant!! Add this to your collection ASAP
  5. Empowering The Weak
    by Jacob Lizotte
    The Edge Of Humankind The Edge Of Humankind
    This album is truly a work of genius. Jacob Lizotte is a true master of his craft and I believe very soon he will be in every metal heads collection. Thank you for all you do for the metal community!!