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  1. Boise City Counsil - A Tribute to Central City Music Company
    by various artists
  2. Most Importantly
    by I.E.
  3. Death Songs EP
    by Death Songs
    Let This Body Go Let This Body Go
    A wonderful introduction the writing abilities of Delffs. Can't wait for the new LP to hit the shelves! (full disclosure - I work for the label!!)
  4. The Slow and Painful Birth of Nehemiah St-Danger
    by Nehemiah St-Danger
    Nehemiah St-Danger Lost and Alone in a New Paradigm (Venus of the Tumbling Towers) Nehemiah St-Danger Lost and Alone in a New Paradigm (Venus of the Tumbling Towers)
    Fuzzy brilliance in glistening audio form. Not usually one for conspiracy theories, nor rock operettas, but this is a bona fide gem. A gem!
  5. Sensitive Badass
    by Bucky Sinister
    My Date With Wonder Woman My Date With Wonder Woman
    It's raw, but not all Bukowski and Kerouac. It's more like if you found out that your always interested and compassionate best friend is also a super-good writer. Oh, Sensitive Badass?
  6. You Are Always On Our Minds
    by The Hand to Man Band
    This LP is like a breath of classical love, noise glop, jazz scuzz, and life-affirming beauty. What else would you expect from Thollem and Deerhoof's Dieterich. (also THEE mike watt is in the band doing some trippy bass and eerie vocals.)
  7. Read Between the Lines... Think Outside Them
    by Tsigoti
    Great White Lies Great White Lies
    Political punk that hearkens back not only to DK, but also to frantic art-punk of 90s Chicago. Great stuff.
  8. Science & Superstition
    by Vialka
  10. Somewhere's Sunshine 7"
    by Aan
    Somewhere's Sunshine Somewhere's Sunshine
    Slinks, moves and bumps while maintaining its melodic integrity.
  11. Weeping Peepers
    by Sustentacula
  12. This Scissor Disaster
    by Silent Sleep
  13. Girlfriend
    by We Are Trees
  14. Time Drips
    by Grapefruit
  15. Baby Island
    by Baby Island
  16. Questions for Moon
    by Karl Blau
    Fanship Freshwater exclusive
  17. Death Songs s/t 7"
    by Death Songs
    Answers Answers
  18. Sibling
    by Big Nils
    Apartment Apartment
  19. TEENS
    by TEENS
    Die With You Die With You