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  1. This Situation b/w Melody
    by Lucy and the Rats
  2. Girl
    by Lucy and the Rats
  3. Stick To You
    by Lucy and the Rats
  4. Lucy and the Rats
    by Lucy and the Rats
  5. The Chapel
    by Heron Oblivion
  6. Funeral Funk 49
    by Heron Oblivion
  7. Fernwood
    by Heron Oblivion
  8. Cast Of Thousands
    by The Adverts
  9. Scarlet Fever
    by Green Seagull
  10. Forget-Me-Not Under Pussy Willow
    by Icarus Peel
  11. Electronic Memory
    by Crystal Jacqueline & The Honey Pot
  12. Winter Deep
    by Crystal Jacqueline
  13. Live At The Verge
    by Elephant Stone
  14. The New Tin Drum
    by Thea Gilmore
  15. The Sound of 208 Records
    by Compilation
    appears in 1 other collection
  16. The Dredgermen
    by The Dredgermen
  17. Waiting on a Miracle
    by Beat Root
  18. The Theme From... The Effectives
    by The Effectives
  19. The Paris / Medway Pop Sides Project
    by Smash / The Effectives
  20. Ways To The Sun
    by The Deccas
  21. The Lovedays Album
    by The Lovedays
  22. House Of Cards
    by The Lovedays
  23. Spit And A Dream E.P.
    by Theatre Royal
  24. Three Ships EP
    by Theatre Royal
  25. You Sleep EP
    by Theatre Royal
  26. Doubt
    by Theatre Royal
  27. Singles Club Vol.1 Theatre Royal/Kids Unique (split 7")
    by Theatre Royal
  28. The Story Of My Life (Single)
    by Theatre Royal
  29. Standing In The Land
    by Theatre Royal
  30. from rubble rises...
    by Theatre Royal
  31. What Was That Sound? (single edit)
    by Theatre Royal
  32. We Don't Know Where We Are
    by Theatre Royal
  33. At The End Of A River, The Sea...
    by Theatre Royal
  34. I Believe In Father Christmas (I don't want socks)
    by Theatre Royal & Friends
  35. ...and then it fell out of my head.
    by Theatre Royal
  36. A Hundred Thousand Tears (Single)
    by Theatre Royal
  37. Here It Comes
    by Theatre Royal
  38. SOLD OUT - The Creation Factory - Let Me Go b/w You Got It
    by Market Square Recordings
  39. Soon
    by Thea Gilmore
  40. The Active Listener's First Birthday
    by The Active Listener
  41. Wet Taxis- From The Archives
    by G.O.D. RECORDS (Garden Of Dreams)
  42. THE MAGNETIC MIND When The Morning Comes / The Mumbai Firefly
    by Heavy Soul Records
  43. Still Alive after Amateur Transplants
    by Suman Biswas
  44. Waging War On The Obvious
    by Connett
  45. Time For Change
    by The Master Colony