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  1. Copenhagen, Denmark
  2. Electronic
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  1. Harmony In Ultraviolet
    by Tim Hecker
    Dungeoneering Dungeoneering
  2. post love rave
    by woolvs
  3. Home To Wander (2016 Sampler)
    by Home Normal
    La Casería - San Fernando La Casería - San Fernando
  4. The Winter Improvisations Project
    by Jordan Hudson
    One (Shame) One (Shame)
    Sometimes all you need to get through your day is a little piano on your way. I feel a lot of honesty in these songs, they resonate, don`t hesitate. Perfect cure the blues morning music or still awake evening take. Thanks Jordan.
  5. Unappealing
    by Yungve
    Cut In Half Cut In Half
    Cut In Half features some amazing Domi Chansorn drumming skilfully tinkered with by Yungve. Very entrancing collaboration going on here.
    Hazure follows the aesthetic of Cut In Half brought to an ambient plane. Pulsating sounds dress up an alien landscape where you can hear the roar of some otherworldly creature.
    Look Under There Is A Priest finishes this EP. If Hazure was the sonic equivalent of an alien threat, this one feels like the assurance that all will be well. Amen.
  6. Seven Years of Home Normal
    by Home Normal
    this curved this curved
    Amazing mix full of little gems. From The Boats' quirky electronic dancemoves to Ostermeier's subtle piano compositions, each and every one breathes beautifully. Choosing a favourite track with this kind of overall quality seems like an impossible task, but I gave it a try anyway.
  7. sometimes, silence
    by sevendeaths
    a sinking relief a sinking relief
    I just love the grainy sound that permeates this record, a very warm yet crispy architecture, well balanced. Have a listen to `a sinking relief`, definitely my fave track. The cloudy synth matched with that driving arpeggiator could last for moments on end. Nice
  8. Fun Machine
    by Lake Street Dive
    I Want You Back I Want You Back