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  1. Empire
    by Big Big Train
  2. A Boat on the Sea
    by Moron Police
  3. Amnesia
    by Nautical Operator
  4. Now In Colour
    by Now In Colour
  5. ROBOGIRL (the adventures of)
    by Marty Brueggemann
    Marty combines a masterful yet understated grasp of the nuances of 8-bit orchestration with an ear for melodies that manage to be both catchy and moving.

    I love how this album puts a twist on the classic 8-bit Megaman template by marrying the typical upbeat rocking pulse of the original Megaman games with a somehow feminine melodic sensibility that borders on melancholy.

    Sophisticated 8-bit implementation without ever feeling overly extravagant like much chiptune does.
  6. present
    by gny
    stories of home stories of home
    Such a feel-good collection album. This album is the equal of any modern lofi hip-hop I have heard, capturing the hands-in-pockets understated grooviness of the genre and mixing in some hints of Filipino flavours throughout.

    Great for cruising around to.
  7. Late Night Delivery
    by Doctor Pizza
    Chapter Two: the Next Chapter Chapter Two: the Next Chapter
    This album grooves like no other. Doctor Pizza's brand combines the legitimacy of proper jazz with grooves as infectious and delicious as greasy pizza. It's sophisticated and intellectually gratifying, but it tempers this with cheesy synths and filthy beats.
  8. Life in the Punch Line
    by Fifth Species
    City Apart City Apart
    In Fifth Species the spirit of 70s progressive rock has been well and truly revived. There is a real energy here that seems to arise from the band's obvious desire to pay reverence to the classic source material by which it is inspired.

    Not only do I enjoy the music thoroughly, but I also enjoy the irony in the fact that the one of the freshest and most unique-sounding albums I've discovered this year owes so much of its sound to such 'old' music. It's a two-for-one deal!
  9. Kingdom of Dreams
    by EyeLoveBrandon
  10. Nautical Operator
    by Nautical Operator
    Nautical Operator Nautical Operator
    This album perfectly embodies the duality I live everyday of my life between cynical apathy and melodious enthusiasm.
  11. Back in Orbit
    by Karl Brueggemann
  12. Sonicesque, Vol. III
    by Karl Brueggemann
  13. Sonicesque, Vol. IV
    by Karl Brueggemann
  14. Great & Terrible Potions
    by Ben Craven
  15. Stab In The Dark
    by Jade Monkey
  16. All Tomorrows
    by Daymoon